Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13

Gregory Stokes was arrested in the Southeast and charged with killing Pamela Balk in Worcester County.

According to a WJZ headline, we're "Concerned Over High 2007 Murder Rate". The Almighty Sheila won't have recommendations until next week. Perhaps her suggestions will include that we stop killing each other.

Lawrence Borchardt is on his way back to death row.

Alvin Augustus Williams was convicted of second-degree murder in the unprovoked killing of basketball coach and software engineer Brian O'Neil Jones in Canton. Sentencing is on 2/26/2007.

Perverts in the HoCo schools, in the Klan, and in Carroll County.

Testimony continues against Jemini Jones, formerly of the Southwestern Flex Squad.

Baltimore County Circuit Judge Patrick Cavanaugh handed down a sentence in what he describes to the Sun as "the most heartrending he has encountered in his 33-year legal career."

A stolen trumpet, debit card, and bag of groceries.

Friday, January 12, 2007

January 12

Mother Jones revisits the 1963 murder of Hattie Carroll, made famous by the world's most overrated musician.
(Here's more)
Did you know? Before the Internets, crime blogs were performed in epic folk song form!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11

Marcus McDowell, 16, homicide #10, was killed while trying to help a friend who was being robbed.
11. Rodney Gardner, 21, 3100 Ravenowood(sp?) Road
12. Gregory Rochester, 25, 200 block of E. 25th Street
13. William Davis, 26, 1200 block of N. Caroline Street
14. Antwaine Curbeam, 30, 5200 block of York Road
15. Melissa Stefanski, 23, 600 block of Washburn Ave.
Dixon and Hamm are going to have a meeting, and Judge Glynn is forming a committee.
Ever get the feeling there could be 15 people left alive in the city, and the solution would still be a combination of meetings, committees and study groups?

Police are still seeking the two men who shot a cab driver in Brooklyn, one with a "'snake-shot' weapon."

A CA woman was indicted for bringing 77 pounds of khat through BWI (which, I hear from a friend in airport security at a more cosmopolitan hub, is an extremely common find-- most flights from Africa come with at least one passenger with a "big, light bag full of what looks like hedge clippings." Many people don't know it's illegal, and most of the time security just throws it out.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10

So far, '07 has been bloody and sad-- 15 homicides in 10 days, five of them yesterday, including Detective Troy Chesley Sr.

A cab driver was shot in the throat by a man on South Hanover Street who's at large.

Sierra Swann got 15 years and Nathaniel Broadway 30 for the deaths of 30-day-old Emonney and Emunnea Broadway.

Tia Whitehead, the mother of a 15-year-old Baltimore girl who was chained to a bed for four days got no jail time for her role.

Judge Glynn: The city court system deals with about 10,000 felony cases a year, but has the capacity to hold only about 500 jury trials.

This just in

From Julie Bykowicz, who was there:

DJ Tommy = not guilty

of anything. He's being released right now.


"Two slayings push homicides to 13"
And two more since press time.

"Trouble is so easy to get into but it is SO hard to get out of," said accused cop-killer Brandon Grimes.

A woman was arrested for killing Freddie Thornton, 69.
And a man was shot and another stabbed in the Blotter.

Sentencing hearings today for Nathaniel Broadway and Sierra Swann in what must be the worst case of child abuse the city has ever seen-- and that's saying a LOT.
Meanwhile, the city is struggling to fix its $67-million foster child tracking system.

Ted Venetoulis swears the Sun will be his by March.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

January 9

Sun: "City homicide count rises to 9"
Can someone please tell me which don't count or are the same person or something?:
1. Leon Nelson, 17, China Garden
2. Man, early 20's at Windsor Forest apt. complex, 4900 Challedon Road
3. Woman in 2000 W. North Avenue Rowhouse
4. Another 17-year-old on Belnord, SE? - disputed
5. Thomas Joseph MacKenney, the 5900 block of Northwood Drive near Chinquapin Run
6. Yule Antonio Henderson, 21, 1800 block of N. Montford Ave.
7. Un ID'd man, 5200 block of Ready Ave.
8. Ray William Alston, 27, 300 block of W. North Ave.
9. Edward L. Canupp, 500 block of Maude Ave.
10. 16-year-old boy 5100 block of Harford Road
11. An Un Id'd man shot in the chest at an unknown location and dropped off at the Johns Hopkins Hospital emergency room
12. Detective Troy Lamont Chesley Sr., 34. (whose alleged killer, Brandon Grimes, had been arrested 17 times. )

A 13-year-old girl took the stand against her accused rapist Charles Carroll.

Monday, January 8, 2007


WBAL CavesRdBody.mdrWBAL has taken the very rare step of publishing a photograph of the body of the Jane Doe found murdered on Caves Road near Park Heights Avenue.

January 8

Raeshio Rice got 27 federal years for racketeering and drug conspiracy charges. Said ♥RJR♥, "The Rice organization is out of business, their fancy cars and other assets now belong to the government, and gang members will spend many decades in federal prison cells with no probation and no parole. If Raeshio Rice does not already regret that he chose a life of drugs and violence, he will regret it long before the year 2030."

Donta Allen, who pled guilty to killing Hopkins student Linda Trinh, was given a life sentence, though under the terms of the plea agreement he may be out on parole someday.

Bykowicz on the trial of DJ Tommy, which continues today in room 430 of courthouse east. With the speedy schedule of a bench trial, it could be over within two or three days. The last witness, we hear, was/will be the Medical Examiner, who will explain, presumably, why he was certain Ramasamy's death could not have been a suicide.
ps. says a source regarding the "profane" message, it said, "i'm fuck" (or actually, i'm fucc) as if she (or someone) was attempting to write "i'm fucked."

Three victims were shot to death and one beaten over the past weekend. And in the blotter, another shooting, a stabbing and an assault.

Eeeewwww.... Joseph Samuel Ellis, 25, of Elkridge, who taught at Glenelg High School, HoCo, was charged with sex offenses for exposing his dangly bits live and via cell-phone cam to two teenage girls.

It's God vs the Deuce!
The Managing Editor of the WMAR newsroom, Nicole Block, resigned January 3 and sent co-workers a memo explaining that working her job "does not please God," adding, "I have grown into a woman, that [sic]now understands her purpose in life and that is to serve God in everything I do."

Sunday, January 7, 2007

January 7

A strangled woman's body was found in the County near Caves Road and Park Heights in Reisterstown.

Justin Wylbynzynski of Berwick, PA. fled officers, was shot to death in Essex.

The family of HoCo murder victim Ronald "Jay" Kinzer held a vigil.

Pardon our digression, but indeed, the pink elephant declares Atlas Shrugged "joyless" and John Galt "not worth knowing."[login: bushsucks psword: bushsucks]
"Business leaders consistently name it as one of their favourite books... Why the fuss? Because no other novel grants the enterprising chief executive such Nietzschean superman status. No other novel provides such a manifesto for money and the free market ... Atlas's prose is rambling, often wooden; its length is self- indulgent."
Yet bitch still sells six figures from the grave and she'll probably sell more than that this year, so it's hard to feel too bad about the panning!