Friday, June 7, 2013

Basta stronzo

Jail security chief Shavella Miles has reportedly failed a polygraph, and Gary Maynard was down in A-town yesterday answering questions and trying to convince everyone that 13 bad officers are the whole problem, and re-iterated that if he had to do it all over again he "would do it exactly the same way."

TIL seven grams of marijuana is called a "vic" after Michael Vick's jersey number.*

Basta pasta? More like basta drugging and trying to rape the underage waitresses, Michael Stakellis!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Plug that leak

In case you haven't hard, Verizon has been recording all of your phone calls. And don't buy the story that it's just the phone numbers and times, either-- that's just the table of contents for recordings of the calls as well. Such a massive amount of data is unhelpful if the aim is to identify a handful of people in 600 million who might want to cause citizens harm. It didn't stop the Boston bombers, and dude was straightup posting jihad videos on YouTube. But it would be pretty helpful if you are out to get a person in particular.

Cell phone blocking technology in prison: they're doing it. And body scanners! Because there is no city or state problem that can't be fixed by a task force followed by some very expensive soon-to-be-obsolete technology. And way to time the announcement, O'Malley, right before the release of a scathing audit of the jail* that finds dirty, dangerous and dangerously disorganized conditions in the jail, plus plenty of "superfluous supervisors."

Yes!! A blogger is taking on the liquor board with "Booze News - Distilled in Room 215." But how long til they just start locking said blogger out?

One Lenny Cain was convicted for his part in an elaborate Oxycodone conspiracy. What I don't get: wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just buy actual heroin?

Eeewww 21,775 gallons of raw sewage dumped into the Jones Falls last week.
SC's Ragan

Eeewww a Port Deposit man, Michael Dean Ragan Jr, 30, pleaded guilty to making a deposit in a minor's port on camera. Curiously there's a 2010 report of a Michael Dean Ragan being arrested for a similar crime in South Carolina, but that lists his age as 33.

"Write what you write for your rag." Newlywed Lisa Harris Jones is back, and ringside for a showdown of well-connected companies for a tech contract. ... the city needs 75 IT consultants because why?

Southeast crime blotter: A man robbed by a guy in a "security" t-shirt, harrowing "boyfriend" incidents including a pregnant woman hit in the face with pliers and a fight between a 15-year-old aunt and her niece broken up by a grandma with a broom handle.

A county suspect was shot in the chest last night after reports of an assault at a motel.

Oh, Colby.
Adorable: In Queen Anne's county a suspect, Colby Gilliam, was arrested after commenting on the Sheriff's Facebook page.

Don't miss Vice Magazine's report on Towson University's White Student Union.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good news, white people!

Ashley Roane via CP
Wat. Ashley Roane, accused of protecting a purported heroin dealer and giving a list of drug informants to the guy (who himself turned out to be an FBI informant) is out on pre-trial release. She also faces charges of gross and willful eyeshadow abuse. If I was Roane I think I'd feel safer in jail.

Rashid Mayo
Sounds like 16-month-old Carter Scott should not have been in the custody of his violent, convict dad, and dad should never have been in town. But dad took no one's advice and mom failed to show up for a custody hearing.* Meanwhile police had ID'd a 3rd suspect in the toddler's shooting, Rashid Mayo,* and are asking the public's help to find him.

Murder #95(?), unID'd man, Glenmore Avenue.* 

Like Tavon White, BGF member Steven Loney has also been granted a stay in the relatively plushier confines of federal prison.

We're #4!! ...when it comes to pot arrests.* Cost of arrests in MD = $106 million. But don't worry, white people, you're five times less likely to get arrested. You'll recall our decriminalization bill, overwhelmingly supported by citizens, passed the House but died in the senate when Joe Vallario of PGC, friend to defense attorneys, refused to let it get out of committee.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prepare your cheeks

So as you probably heard already, SCOTUS approved DNA swabbing from arrestees, by way of a convicted and de-convicted and now re-convicted Salisbury rapist. Love it or hate it and assuming the state can get it together enough to swab people and enter the info in a database, a whole lot of cases are going to start getting closed.

The city's 93rd homicide was Edward Spriggs, shot 15 years ago. Akeem Yarberough was #92, Fenton notes he just got out of federal prison.* #91 was an unidentified guy shot to death in front of the apartment building across from Jeong Kak.

The Washington Post is erecting a paywall.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Slumlord of the flies

A 30-year-old man was shot to death in the 700 block of Cator Avenue is homicide #90. He was shot in the back of the head but kept on driving.

How about slumlord Tom Karle Jr. of Summerfield Investment Group, who is allegedly harassing the holy heck out of a couple of Patterson Park residents with the gall to complain about him letting criminals live in his Section 8 properties. The cojones on this guy. Here's hoping this story will finally introduce him and his Section 8 vouchers to some consequences.

"Police review board called irrelevant, ineffective." Let's also call it futile, time-wasting window dressing, considering the board has no power whatsoever to enforce its findings.* What I wonder-- why do these members bother to serve, considering how much time it must take and that there's zero chance of affecting change? Related: "Mayor tries to suppress damning animal abuse report she commissioned." (Warning: graphic abused-dog photo.)

Armed robbery on the Light Rail at 3 in the afternoon, if Reddit is to be believed.

Good for you, city council members who are making disapproving noises at that Exelon $107 million nonsense.* But bet you a night at the city-owned Hilton it passes anyway.

Big Bradley Manning protest down at Ft Meade on Saturday.

How much would you pee if you woke up and saw this burglar staring you in the face?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

In the belly of the whistling dog

A coupla drunk rednecks threw beer at a Yankees fan, then punched him and sent him over the railing onto concrete at the O's game, fracturing his skull.*

City officer Ashley Roane offered to give a drug dealer a confidential list of informants, the drug dealer was actually an informant.* Oops!

Two more murders* -- victims Wayne Vendemia ("blunt force trauma via hag") and Melvin Taylor -- bring the toll to 89.

Now that's odd: the NRA's minions claimed they sent over a million emails opposing gun control when it was up for a vote in April. Little more than a month later and the gun-rights lobby can't even scare up 18,000 signatures to move repeal to referendum and in typical never-say-fail fashion is claiming it's because they're going the lawsuit route.* Someday.

Also failed: the death-penalty anti-repeal efforts*

From hero to zero: "Z on TV"* lauds Petrice Sanders' interview with Andres Alonso that prompted him to have an on-air mini-meltdown. You can't criticize $99 chicken dinners because das raysis! Perhaps most scandalous of all: even though the media got hold of the audit, it doesn't sound like anyone in the school system even bothered to read it. Alonso: "I feel like I'm in the belly of the beast right now." Yes, because the Fox45 set is just like prison-- dude, did you even read the book? [@9:31 - also when he starts to lose it.]