Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bloody Weekend So Far

Three murders on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Four years later the murder of Dr. Albert Ro in Anne Arundel County has been solved.

A crazy woman in MoCo tried to kill her kids.

A misbehaving county cop is in trouble for a fight he got into in the city.

BCrime Meetup & Gregg Bernstein Happy Hour

.. will be Wednesday, Sept. 1 from 6 - 7:30. Join our Facebook group or e-mail me for location.

Execution-style slaying in Lake Clifton

Man stood over victim, shot at point blank range with shotgun.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jessamy Blasts Bealefeld

.. uhm, is that really the best campaign strategy?

Listen up, cynical Cynthias

Gregg Bernstein CAN be our next State's Attorney ... pretty easily!
He & Jessamy are both Democrats, and with no Republican contender for State's Attorney, the primary on September 14 will decide the State's Attorney's race. With no other races in serious contention (except the clerk of the court, maybe), presumably the only voters who will show on Sept. 14 will be ones who really care about the State's Attorney's race.
.. so if you're a Democrat and care about this race, tell your mother, brother, sister and her friends to turn out September 14!

Bounty Hunters get plea offer, former Dixonite: Crime is down

Former Dixon spokesman says the media is giving Baltimore a bum rap when it comes to crime.

Two of the Baltimore chapter of the Bounty Hunters get plea offers.

Bealefeld likes Bernstein

Someone spotted a Gregg Bernstein sign in the police commissioner's front yard.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shooting at the Hilton

Gunman gets nabbed at downtown hotel.

Notes from the vigil

According to some attendees, taking away cable television has more to do with East Baltimore murders than policing. Plus the commish looks for "vile snakes."

PC: O'Malley Without Principles

.. and "taught Jessamy how to bully".
Not sure I agree with all of this .. but Politics Examiner Adam Meister does

.. the State's Attorney's office has launched a Facebook page. (To be fair, Here's Bernstein's.)

.. and speaking of social media, if you're tiring of your virtual social life, please save Wednesday, Sept. 1 between 6 and 7:30, for an in-the-flesh Meet and Greet Happy Hour with Gregg Bernstein, location TBA here and on the Baltimore Crime Facebook Group page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Questions are being asked about the size of the new juvenile jail being built in Baltimore.

I hate these kinds of headlines. Mistakes by child molester's attorneys could set him free. The judge who ruled in this guy's favor was Andre Davis. Rod Rosenstein was nominated to Davis's seat during the Bush Administration, but the Senate never acted on the nomination.

Another murder near Penn Station is attracting much less outrage than that of Stephen Pitcairn. The victim may have been murdered because he was a witness.

Shooting at police officers is a bad idea.

The Attorney General's Office says it's probably ok to tape interactions with police officers in Maryland.

Jessamy & Bernstein debate

State's Attorney Jessamy and Bernstein squared off, and only channel 2 was there.. literally, it looks like. But you can check it out online.