Saturday, April 16, 2011


Unidentified man, Decker Avenue, 3:40 a.m.

Also a 19-year-old shot in the thigh soon after midnight

And three people shot Friday in Sandtown-Winchester

Dundalk man allegedly shot by his neighbor after allegedly parking in said neighbor's driveway by accident

A 16-year-old was arrested for the murder of Teon Dobbs in Landsdowne, spurring jiz readers to offer the world lots of enlightened & elevated philosophical discourse on the matter


So let me get this straight: the three cops that Bernstein is prosecuting will all be tried together, but two of the defendants are having a jury trial, and one (the only white one?) is having a bench trial. Never heard of such a thing & must agree with a commentor, if the point of the SA prosecuting a case is to show ASAs how it's done, why not pick something more typical? Or is the whole point just to show the world that Bernstein and the police aren't in bed together (in spite of the fact that he and the mayor's liaison to the police are literally in bed together)? Or is the whole case so bizarre and technical he feared some ASA would ef it up?

Friday, April 15, 2011

What did I miss?

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The city's 53rd murder victim of this year was a 24-year-old woman found shot in the head and chest behind apartment buildings in the NW.

One Syron Abdullah, aged 20, arrested for the murder of Jhoma Blackwell, and allegedly stealing and pawning her video game systems. Abdullah was also charged three years ago with raping a 13-year-old.

A triple shooting and crazy car chase Wednesday linked to a fight at Dundalk Middle School; the jizz has mug shots of the Camaro-driving superwinners Charles Robinson and Quincy Alford, and bonus video footage of Robinson's big fat hairy gut slopping out of his drawers.

Fenton reports that 1990s drug 'kingpin' 'Great Billy Guy' is in 'trouble' again.

Ten years for a 21-year-old who allegedly conspired to rob a drug dealer

Motions expected to continue today in that case Bernstein is trying.

The MD Gazette's take on General Assembly winners & losers.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paging Maurice Levy

The law offices of Stanley H. Needleman were raided by the Baltimore PD and possibly the Federales this morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.. in other news

Police say they are closing in on a suspect in the murder of Jhoma Blackwell.

Neighbors and Joan Floyd help keep the Nancy Schmidt case alive.

Police are ISO these brazen robbers, and arrested these.

Two traffic tickets for Jeannette Marie Walke, who mowed down cyclist Nathan Krasnopoler

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued cease-and-desist orders against eight mortgage bankers

The endless case of Lee Stephens

The Maryland Court of Appeals has rejected a pre-trial appeal by Lee Stephens. He is one of the two inmates accused of murdering Maryland House of Corrections CO David McGuinn in July 2006. No trial date is set, but it sounds like the judge is free to schedule one now that this appeal has been dismissed. Stephens's co-defendant still has a pre-trial appeal pending.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uncharted lands

INteresting! The AP reports that Gregg Bernstein is going to try his first case this week, of three police officers accused of dropping off teenagers in the wilds of HoCo and the East side. (Wonder how 3 officers and 2 incidents = one case?)


Life (aka >35 years) for 19-year-old Troy Taylor, who killed 72-year-old Charles Bowman, a security guard at the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper and a Vietnam vet, shot to death at the Yau Bros carryout in the course of being robbed of $13.

Millions for horse tracks, a 50 percent increase on the booze tax, in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, pot decriminalization for the chronic and more on Sine Die in Annapolis

Alleged carjack victims describe the "creepy feeling," "scary eyes" and hamhanded gearshifting Isaiah Dixon subjected them to.

"Council calls hearing on lead-paint judgments"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Manslaughter conviction for Sian James

and nobody's happy

Man shot by police today after stealing handgun from Bank of America guard in Federal Hill
(good gracious that's a lot of verbiage from Justin Fenton in one day.. this is why you should never try or be good at anything, you'll get worked like a carnival mule.)

.. and more from Nick Madigan on the conviction of Frederick A. Christian

Christian Guilty

in the murder of Jerryell Myesha Foster, reports Fox. Last week Christian took the stand and accused police of tampering with evidence. Friday, county ASA Rachel E. Karceski decried the defendant's "Lies! Lies! Lies!"

In other news, you can bring your dog to an outdoor restaurant, but management doesn't have to serve your butch-looking girlfriend.


Two murders this weekend

Former county prosecutor Isaiah Dixon about to go on trial for carjacking (??)

Holy yikes! Glen Burnie woman allegedly awoke to the sight of this crackhead trying to strangle her

Speaking of prosecutors, last month SCOTUS threw out a $14 million award for an exonerated death row inmate, who published a very sobering op-ed in the NYT yesterday. (And yes, Harry F. Connick Sr. is Jr's dad, if Wikipedia is to be believed!)

Poignant! BaltCo's 14 court reporters to leave by this summer & be replaced by robots (aka remote-controlled digital recordings).

UFOs in Glen Burnie? Nazis at the mall? Fenton on the fascinating finds in the FBI's Baltimore files

And it's the last day of the 428th session of the general assembly, and Linskey & Bykowicz recap your winners & losers. Bite it, fracking!! And this just in, a state health care exchange.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh fer ef's sake! Dwight Taylor, 25, was shot to death while waiting to get a haircut at 200 W. Saratoga St -- 5 p.m. right there in the Central District, like two blocks from the Daily Record! Police Tweet that CitiWatch cameras caught the suspect, who is in custody.

It doesn't get much Baltimorier than this: search of Patapsco Park didn't find Phylicia Barnes, but did turn up a man's body.

In Fell's Point a man was stabbed after bumping into someone at the RoFo

County police are ISO a-hole Antonio Marquis Johnson, who broke into his ex-gf's house and assaulted her 3-year-old son

Unshockingly, the Sun is all for in-state tuition for illegal/undocumented immigrants. (Comment: "figure out a way to do something with people whoe brake laws. Its not difficult")