Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17

65-year-old Charles R. Erdman has been added to the list of this year's homicides. He died on March 9 after being intentionally run down after a minor traffic accident.

A 23-year-old woman was raped in White Marsh last Saturday morning.

A Hyattsville woman helped reunite a Missouri mother and her kidnapped son.

In AAC, Aubrey Mayhew cried and pleaded guilty to strangling his estranged wife, who for some inexplicable reason was seeking full custody of their two kids.

Sheila D. apologized for the cops who arrested a 7-year-old boy. She is also calling for an emergency meeting about the problem of student-on-teacher attacks in the city's school system. If we're really lucky, maybe she and Commissioner Hamm will form both a task force and a committee.

Four years for the racist Hagerstown cop.

College students in Salisbury are passing "bogus Benjamins." (WJZ's words, not mine.)

Columbia cat ladies Ayten and Nese Enetullah Icgoren accepted a plea deal for their animal cruelty charges.

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16

49-year-old Michael Stuckey was stabbed to death in the Southwest, allegedly by 50-year-old Robin A. Weaver. In the same article, Antwan D. Askins was ID'd as the man who was fatally shot in Lauraville on Tuesday night and Maurice Wilkerson was arrested for the murder of Steven Washington.

Danielle Eboni Riley got 20 years for killing her newborn baby.

Yesterday, Anthony Jerome Miller was found guilty for the murders of Jason Convertino and Sean Wisniewski. Sentencing is scheduled for June 8.

On April 16, 2003 at approximately 2:30AM police responded to 1917 Gough Street for a shooting. Upon arrival, officers discover the bodies of Jason M. Convertino, 31, and Sean M. Wisniewski, 22, in an apartment inside the building. The medical examiner later rules that both men died as a result of gunshot wounds. Evidence from the crime scene is gathered and secured. In May 2003 a laptop computer owned by Convertino is pawned by Miller. In March 2005 DNA evidence is collected from a piece of evidence discovered at the crime scene, a latex glove, and in November 2005 that DNA is matched to Miller.

Perv of the day: Jose Elder Montufar is wanted for kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old Baltimore girl.

Anthony Hawks was arrested for last month's murder of Harold Robinson at Club International. Also in the Blotter, a burglar in Greektown got the beatdown when he broke into an occupied house.

City leaders are outraged and horrified by the arrest of 7-year-old Gerard Mungo Jr.

Yesterday, Frederick County released the 911 tapes from the fire that destroyed a shopping center last month.

An inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Center was injured during a fight on a jail van.

Kevin "Chopper" Barnes got community service for robbing a couple at gunpoint in 2001. Apparently, his lawyer asked the court to cut his client some slack for the youthful mistake and not jeopardize Chopper's pending million-dollar record deal.

It looks like Bowling Brook might be liquidating their property.

Former BPD cop Andre Alan Stover earned $150,000 from false workers' comp claims.

Truants may be losing the right to drive.

The Guardian Angels will be recruiting for their Edgewood chapter this weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 15

Two people were killed and three were injured in two separate Northeast Baltimore shootings on Tuesday night. 18-year-old Christopher Clarke was one of the men killed; the other has not yet been identified.

Parole was revoked for Lawrence Banks, who will be in prison until 2014. So far, Banks has murdered his son, killed a friend, and thrown his 7-month-old daughter through a glass door. He is being investigated for the deaths of his girlfriend's 22-year-old daughter and 9-month-old granddaughter.

A 7-year-old boy was arrested while sitting on his dirt bike in East Baltimore.

A guard at Central Booking might be stealing inmates' credit cards.

Our elected leaders continue to fail miserably at battling witness intimidation.

Perv of the day: 52-year-old volleyball coach Robert Borello got 18 months for his 'relationship' with one of his 16-year-old Wicomico High School students.

A fire commander at the BFD training academy was suspended for 30 days for not properly tracking EMS certifications. Additionally, nearly 1/4 of the BFD cannot legally drive large vehicles, including fire trucks.

Racists vandalized a street sign in front of Councilman Harris' home in the 4th.

On what was, indeed, a 'hisrotic' day, police headquarters was re-named as the Bishop L. Robinson Sr. Police Administration Building yesterday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14

Murder Ink covers a multitude of homicide convictions and closed cases, along with the deaths of Michael Woods, Richard Stuckey, Anthony Bryan, Allen Coates, and Damon Smith. This is the first media mention of Anthony Bryan's death, who was 37 years old when he was shot once behind his right ear in the Southwest neighborhood of Rosemont last Friday.

Three men have been killed in Baltimore since Monday. An unidentified man was shot late yesterday morning during an argument in the 1600 block of Cliftview Ave. in East Baltimore. Early yesterday morning, Tyrone Jackson Jr. was fatally shot on the front porch of his family's house on Brook Ave. in the Northeast. On Monday night, Mark Robinson was found on the sidewalk in the 2700 block of Harlem Ave; he had been shot repeatedly and died at Shock Trauma.

Nancy Jean Siegel allegedly killed her much-older boyfriend more than 10 years ago, and his been cashing his Social Security checks ever since.

Convicted murdered Lawrence Banks may go back to prison for parole violations, while PG police investigate whether he was involved in the murders of his girlfriend's daughter and granddaughter.

Death row inmate Lawrence Borchardt, convicted for killing an elderly couple who helped him while he was a heroin addict, died in his cell on Sunday.

There's a serial bank robber running amok in the city. And a former bank robber contemplates all of the wasted years and wasted lives.

A citizen in Charles County helped capture some neo-Nazis.

A mother and son in Washington County were indicted for stealing from the liquor board.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 13

Travis Davon Terry was convicted of first-degree murder today by a Harford County jury in the shooting death of Edwin Lee Potillo. He could get a death sentence.

Police and family members are seeking new information about the murder of Gap Suk Suh, who was murdered on Friday, November 3 after a minor accident with a Buick Rendezvous at the corner W. Mulberry St. and Jasper St. Suh would have turned 60 yesterday.

18-year-old Raymond Zubrowski Jr. has been missing from North Point for 45 days and "seems to have disappeared without a trace."

Good times in the city over the past few days: a shooting, two shootings, a shooting, a shooting, and a bank robbery.

Joseph Kopera's false credentials and make-believe science may lead to the review of hundreds of murder and shooting cases.

Perv of the day: William Wray of Crespatown, who was charged with abusing an 11-year-old girl.

Perv of the day, part II: A transcript from last night's "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" on CNN, where Headline News anchor Thomas Roberts discusses being abused by former Calvert Hall chaplain Father Jerome Toohey from 1987 - 1990.

Michael Dean Jackson Jr. got the maximum sentence -- 10 years -- for voluntary manslaughter for shooting Anthony James Owens-Smith to death in Howard County.

Leeander Blake's confession is admissible in his federal murder trial.

BFD Captain Brian K. Edwards is in trouble for talking to the Sun.

The City Council is considering banning BB guns because they "have the same effect as real guns when they're used by criminals." Uh, yeah, the same effects, except for real bullets' tendencies to tear flesh and shatter bones and destroy organs.

In other City Council news, members unanimously agreed that the death penalty is bad, even if the killer used a BB gun.

Monday, March 12, 2007


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At a hearing today, Jeffrey Morgan, aka Chester Moore, 42, of the 900 block of East Chase Street, pled guilty to robbery and robbery deadly weapon. Judge M. Brooke Murdock sentenced Morgan to 12 years in prison. On October 3, 2006 at approximately 10:20 p.m. in the 500 block of East Lombard Street victim Lisa L. Dickerson was preparing to enter her MTA vehicle when Morgan approached and stuck a screwdriver into her right side stating, “I will poke you. I will hurt you.” Morgan then reached across her person, removed her GPS, and then fled the scene. Dickerson subsequently entered her vehicle (MTA vehicle equipped with a siren) and began following defendant with siren activated. Pursuit continued into the unit block of Market Place where three security officers were able to apprehend defendant. Morgan still possessed Dickerson's property and screwdriver.

A Baltimore City jury today convicted Erskine Jones, 30, of the 2400 block of North Calvert Street, of first-degree rape, third- and fourth-degree sex offense and second degree assault. The jury deliberated approximately five hours following two days of testimony. Judge David Ross scheduled sentencing for March 20, 2007. Jones faces a maximum possible term of life plus 10 years in prison. On May 16, 2003 Jones raped and threatened to kill the victim, telling her he had a gun. The attack occurred in the rear of 317 Dolphin Street. Police identified Jones with a DNA search of the Combined Offender Data Index System (CODIS) in November 2004. The victim identified Jones in a photo array two weeks later. Jones is currently charged with an additional five rapes with five separate victims and is awaiting trial, scheduled for March 20, 2007.

March 12

Two reported killings over the weekend: On Saturday, Allen Coates was at a birthday party at Maceo's Lounge. He confronted a man who was "groping" a woman at the party and was repeatedly shot as a result. Early Sunday morning, 40-year-old Damon Smith was found in an alley of the 5000 block of Denmore in the Northwest; he had been repeatedly shot more than an hour before.

17-year-old Andrew Tuell was arrested in Utah for the Annapolis murder of Terrance Powell, and Daniel Lawson was arrested in Glen Burnie for last week's murder of James Fabian in Brooklyn Park (AAC).

BaCo popo want CoCo.

A 50-year-old Delaware woman traveled to Harford County and unsucessfully hired a hit man to take out her step-mother.

DNA evidence led prosecutors to drop charges against Andre Christopher King, accused of raping an 8-year-old. The victim's family still claim that he did it.

A 16-year-old was killed when his drunk friend crashed into a tree.

A librarian was robbed at gunpoint in the elevator of a parking garage while she was on her way to work at the Towson public library.

A happier, friendlier Central Booking awaits you.

Gregory Kane looks at the recent stabbings at the Maryland House of Corrections in Jessup.

A man who might have been drinking a the flight from Phoenix was arrested at BWI for slapping flight attendants.

It's not right to work so hard for your constituents yet bring home a paltry $80,000, so I think we'd all agree that our city leaders deserve an 18-to-26% pay increase.

Perhaps our state workers also deserve a raise, so they can stop watching porn at work and do it at home instead.