Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Billion with a B

Oh crap, one Terry Davis, 48, was found dead and beaten in a house in the 3900 block of The Alameda.

And two men were shot last night in the 500 block of E. 35th street, one died.

"City Police Search Patterson Park for a Rapist." A sketch was released but it's extremely... sketchy. There's a crime meeting tonight at 7 at the Breath of God Lutheran Church at 141 South Clinton Street.

Jayne Miller did math, discovered Baltimore's crime costs taxpayers one billion dollars a year. That's gif-worthy, baby!

Ricky "if you're not Blood you die" Horton was convicted of killing Sean Rhodes and shooting his own girlfriend and Rudy Hyman* outside the Ras-a-Ter club on North Avenue Jan 13 of last year.

WJZ has uploaded Tyrone West's full autopsy report.

The mayor talked to Dan Roderickzzzzz yesterday and Batts talked to him at noon.
Batts says he's going to fight crime with a focus on 17 'enforcement zones.'* What are those? 'Ultra-concentrated' 'micro-spaces,' of course. But don't ask where they are! "Batts declined to identify the new enforcement zones, saying that 'criminals read the newspaper.'" And the Sun's Yvonne Wenger says the city will spend $305,000 on ShotSpotter technology, which uses a computer program to detect the source of gunshots within a few yards.

Meanwhile, the BPD held a Twitter tweetup in honor of Women in Policing Week, with an actual lady police making answers come out of a computer machine using her brain parts and lady fingers.

Super nice friends posted a GoFundMe request for their pal Eric who was robbed.

Twenty-five federal years for gun-brandishing customer-shooting serial robber Hatratico Smith

HarfCo police shot one Brian Ogle, who was armed with a machete.

In D.C. one Steven Slaughter was arrested after approaching women on the metro, claiming he was collecting money for a charity and then showing them a cell phone photo of his dangly bits.

Via Ian Duncan, one Dellando Campbell was arrested in Lemoore, California for the 2009 murder of Serika Holness in Kent County. Ian Duncan also got an early Valentine from a person in Orlando who owns some very special stamps.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot Violent Repeat Zone Spots

Last night a man was shot in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Ave and died,* a teenager was shot in the face on East Eager street and lived.
Thomas McKnight Marshall

Keep an eye out for Thomas McKnight Marshall, 76, a missing adult in early-stage dementia.

Hazing investigated at Dunbar High.*
The City Council wants hundreds of pages* of speed camera documents.

The Sun endorses SafeCeaseStreetsFire&tm;* This latest iteration will supposedly focus on "violence zones" and "hot spots." Readers are skeptical.*
Related media: The Interrupters, a documentary about a year in Chicago's CeaseFire progam.
Gaithersburg police have a person of interest identified in the kidnapping of two sisters, Shiela and Katherine Lyon, in 1975.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Club 2 O'Clock on The Block is known for its refinement and its classy, quality entertainment, yet somehow three people --including two teenagers-- were stabbed there this weekend. One, Jesse Clark-Nugent, age 19, died, the other victims were aged 17 and 30. I guess 21 and up is just kind of a suggestion?

Also at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning there was a fight and a man shot in the shoulder at Club YOLO at 4502 Erdman Ave.

And two people were stabbed at the Hot Skates Roller Skating Center in Woodlawn Saturday night.
Maryland Reporter Len Lazarik reports that the cell phone blocking at the jail is also blocking calls outside of the jail a block away. He also notes that Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker is working on a longer piece about the city jail's woes.

David Paschall,
via MySpace
Father and son team Chad and David Paschall, 28 and 54, pleaded guilty to selling heroin, Oxycodone and cocaine out of their auto body shop on Desoto Road, and to commercial burglaries in four states. They were apparently allegedly part of a larger 16-person crime ring, and one Carl Paschall was also involved, relation unknown. Their indictment also alleged that they sold drugs inside Lexington Market, and in Jessup prison. Said David during his most recent arrest, "Yeah, I sell Percocets, but it isn't a big deal.*"

The mayor is giving a "state of the city" speech today,* focusing on violent crime. She plans to implement a full-scale Operation Ceasefire, aka Operation Safe Streets. The city launched the program, devised by criminologist David M. Kennedy in 2007 with federal money, but in 2009 a worker was one of 12 people wounded* at the notorious Blackwell Brothers cookout, and SRB herself yanked the funding in 2010 after a DEA indictment tied Safe Streets to multiple members of the BGF. The city re-launched Safe Streets in 2012* after the DOJ proffered $2.2 million to continue the efforts, but the program came into question again last December when Nathan Barksdale, an outreach worker, was indicted for dealing heroin at the behest of the BGF.* Or is this a totally different thing? Explained Fenton,
"Our current Safe Streets program with gang members mediating violence is based off of Chicago’s Ceasefire Program. Kennedy has a program called Ceasefire that involves “call-ins” where dangerous guys are provided services and told to reform or face federal prosecution. When he brought it here in the 1990s, they called it… “Safe Streets.”
So we have Chicago’s Ceasefire and call it Safe Streets, and now we’re bringing in Kennedy’s Ceasefire, which we called Safe Streets before but will presumably now be referring to Ceasefire. "
Michael Campbell
So, ew, Michael Campbell, a man arrested on January 20 for rape and sexual assault of his fiancee's 23-year-old daughter on Hunter Street, is also the athletic director of Whitley County High School in New Jersey Kentucky. Dude is now on unpaid leave,  reports the local Times-Tribune.

Jury selection starts today in the trial of the last two officers charged in the 2008 death of inmate Kenneth Davis at Roxbury in Hagerstown.

Baltimore-themed rowhouse dollhouse includes Utz chips and a bag of weed.

Tracy Halvorsen's essay "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Heart" has inspired rebuttals: "Baltimore, You're Not Breaking My Heart," "Whose Heart is Baltimore Breaking, Really?" an assortment from the City Paper, "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Car," and my personal favorite from the That Guy's On Heroin guy, "Baltimore City, Stop Your Bitching." ("Can we stop fucking whining and learn to sack up already?... The title of the blog post should have just been 'Look at me! Look at me!'")

A Glen Burnie drug raid turned up a pretty amazing pen gun.

In AAC guns were stolen from an unmarked, unlocked police car.

Delta flight 1199 from Salt Lake City to BWI was diverted to Minneapolis after a drunk woman freaked the fuck out. Her helpful fellow passengers naturally shot and uploaded video to YouTube.