Friday, February 15, 2013

RoFo Robbers Caught!

Funeral was held yesterday for Jennifer Conyers, killed by a guy she met on a dating web site. According to Cham, of 22 murder victims so far this year, 15 have no violent criminal history.

(Alleged) RoFo robbers caught, finally! Check out that list of stores. Dayum. How they were caught and why it took so long police won't say, but Cham points out that they apparently did their research and carefully avoided stores near crime cameras. Naturally the trio-- Omar Sharif Hance, Willie James Vinson and Darrell Nathaniel Blackwell-- have plenty of priors. And yes, Omar Hance's middle name is Sharif-- apparently his mom had a ladyboner for swarthy guys. "Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it."

Some cojones: even after being told by a federal judge that police training policies and procedures are public documents,* the Police Department still refuses to release them to the public. .. as much as Aneglinos apparently despise the LAPD, it's actually considerably more transparent and responsive than Baltimore's police force, with a Board of Rights that includes officers and a civilian, has the power to recommend penalties and publishes a public record of its findings. We should all be so lucky.

Remember that Roland Park firefighter who was pimping on the side? (Or was he a pimp who did some firefighting on the side?) He and his partner were indicted. My favorite part of the story has to be the chalkboard with hooker rules and tips on it ("Just 10 minutes from downtown!"... "Ask about law enforcement!!)

Aiee-- 38-year-old Larry Horton was convicted for murdering 18-year-old Ryan Jackson with a hatchet in Towson.

Creepy: a Ray Rice impersonator set up a Facebook account to try to meet girls. Hopefully just for sex and not death by hatchet.

RJR is going after doctors and dentists who aren't paying back their student loans. Animals! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love in the Time of Cholera

Oh shiz. Two students are dead near the University of MD in College Park after a murder/suicide.

A custodian was attacked this morning at Gwynns Falls Elementary school.

A man was shot in the leg and jaw in the 1100 block of N. Stricker Street.

We've heard a lot of crazy here at the blog, but this takes the crazy cake. SRB wants to start charging a fee for trash pickup.* She also wants firefighters, who already make 25% less than their counterparts in surrounding areas (see right), work more than 42 hours a week. No details yet on the trash proposal, but if it means that payers are surrounded by the garbage and rats from their non-paying neighbors (while the house burns down), Baltimore, dude, baby, cookie, you know I love you, but I am outta here. I'll do a lot for love, but gotta draw the line at heaps of rotting garbage, rat orgies and plague.

Habitual drunk driver Thomas Green, who mowed down two Hopkins students, was taken into custody after trying to drive his car drunk twice while it was outfitted with an interlock device. Fox reports that Green has 18 points on his license (warning, link has audio).

Web site The Robing Room = Yelp for judges. Judge Themelis ("a gentleman") is at the top for the city, at the bottom (Retired) Judge John Glynn ("a crank"), Evelyn Cannon ("chemical imbalance") and Yvette Bryant ("a nasty person").

In case you're wondering, here's who has drones. All the federal agencies, of course, and in MD, Queen Anne's county.

File under amazing but true: NBC News tracked fatal shootings over the MLK Jr. weekend and neither Baltimore nor Chicago had any (Melissa Davis was stabbed to death, however).

A rare disbarment for Paul W. Gardner II, aka the lawyer who repped Snoop.*

This is brilliant. Not the easiest thing on the ears, but brilliant.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't date, don't drive, and never, ever buy tickets

Monte Carter
Another online-dating murder?! Jennifer Conyers, 32, was murdered and her house set on fire allegedly by a guy she met online.* She was murdered Friday and Monte Delano Carter, 38, was arrested Saturday, driving her car and with blood *still* on his pants and shoes. FWIW he (allegedly) used her ATM card to get cash and buy stuff he traded for heroin. How about instead of doing a background check on someone before dating them, just never dating anyone ever.

Also on Friday, a shooting on Homestead St.

Really, Daily Record?! "Capital Punishment Already Dead in Maryland" ... just because a crass headline comes over the wire it doesn't mean you have to publish it, geeze

"Just give us the cash, yo." Nice-guy Medfield robbers let a victim keep his wallet, reports the Patch.

Haha, winning. The Sun obtains the Mayor's office's bitchy emails about speed camera coverage.* Also, Larry Young of WOLB apparently helped provide the Mayor's office with "talking points." Shady.

Carl Stokes wants to vacate the never-enforced law that bars high event-ticket surcharges.

Not Baltimore, but worth a mention: MSN claims that Christopher Dorner, a guy allegedly stalking and targeting members of the LAPD, is the "first drone target on U.S. soil." Not true, that honor goes to one Rodney Brossart of North Dakota. Also unless the drone is equipped with Hellfire missiles, not sure how it is any different than using a helicopter.

Meet the two old white guys who will be head of the Tribune Co. .. apparently the CEO sees the news audience as old and male, so which came first? Does the news reflect old male perspectives because old males are the primary consumer, or are old males the primary consumer because the news is from an old male perspective?