Friday, May 25, 2012

A Violent Thursday in Baltimore

The Memorial Day weekend has started with a literal bang, as seven people were shot Thursday and one early Friday in 4 separate incidents, including two triple shootings. Among the eight shot, two were dead and woman is in grave condition. The only victim to be identified is 28-year-old Andre Samuel Curry Jr, one of three people shot in the 2600 block of East Preston St.

Police have busted the prolific "Craigslist Robber." He has been Id'd as 26-year-old David Brown, and had been using library computers to set up meetings with victims in the 3500 block of Callaway Ave.

Wow.. Caroll County resident Michael S. Almony, 59, was arrested after apparently running over a kitten multiple times in a successful attempt to kill it. He also managed to get caught on video doing it as well, after a secret witness dropped off a tape to the police.

 A 78-year-old woman who may be stricken with dementia has been missing from her home for well over two months.If you've seen Doris Elizabeth Anderson, please alert authorities.

The real life NCIS is investigating the suspicious death of a Fort Meade soldier. 19-year-old Pvt. Anthony Romano-caruso of Alamance, N.C. was found dead Thursday. Officials remain tight lipped on the cause at the moment.

With all this talk of "pill-mills" recently, one may be mistaken to believe that they are the only form of underground mills operating in this city. That is not the case, as a large scale "document-mill" got busted fairly recently, and all nine defendants caught up in the bust have plead guilty. Brothers Ivan Altamirano-Perez, age 32, and Roberto Morales-Perez, age 26, headed the operation located in the 200 block of South Broadway.

Lisa O'Connor, the one time president of the Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company, has plead guilty to stealing over $100,000 from her former place of employment. Employees first caught wind of the bilking when word came down that their fire truck was going to be repossessed.

AACO granny beater an sweet neck tattoo having resident George Nicholas Kuespert, 39, (Pictured Right) got busted for a mini crime spree the other day. Apparently when you finish a 9 year robbery sentence  received in '07, the first thing you do to celebrate is try to commit as many crimes as possible, to you know, acclimate yourself.

Finally, tiny newspaper the "Dundalk Eagle" has a story on gangs in Dundalk and surrounding areas. A fairly weak story that seems to give County Gang Enforcement Sgt. James Conaboyan excuse to showcase how supposedly well his department has been to combat gangs, but an interesting story non-the less.
It takes a lot for County residents to accept that their are in fact gangs around. But gangs like the BGF and DMI (Dead Man Incorperated) have very strong footholds in the county, especially the DMI, seeing as how gang founder Perry Rourk is a Dundalk native. I could give you a fairly long list of  local DMI members, but for the sake of not having my house firebombed, i'll probably keep it to myself..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Missing teen found

New rule: if you make the public look for a missing teenager, you have to tell the public where she was


This years 79th murder is that of 35-year-old Tavon Frederick killed in what appears to have been a drug rip gone awry, at least so the police make it sound. Frederick has a prior drug dealing conviction but no local arrests since 2002. *

Police need you help finding the suspect who killed 59-year-old Floyd Dorsey as he sat on his porch back in April. 

A sexual assault early this morning has Towson residents worried. The suspect, described as a bald black male in his 30's, has not been caught.

According to WBAL an unnamed city police sergeant is under investigation by internal affairs following an argument between the sergeant and an unnamed judge.

Speaking of police sergeants in the news, Sgt. Richard Willard, who you may recall was the police officer suffering from PTSD after shooting a suspect back in 2005. Sgt. Willard settled out of court with the department, agreeing to retire when he reached the 20 year service pinnacle. Willard also sent an email to Peter Hermann, offering more insight and an almost horrifying look into how PTSD effects someone. *

Those damn kids... a gang of middle schoolers went nuts during a 7-11 promotional slurpee giveaway, stealing tons of merchandise and beating on the store owner. This is just the latest instance of mob violence that has white people terrified. Republican delegate Patrick L. McDonough is leading the crime fighting charge* against those dastardly "black youth mobs." While to the casual observer it may seem that the city has a "youth mob" scare every few years, I'm sure this time is different, and that you ought to pack heat the next time you go down to The Fudgery.

It must be panic inducing day in Baltimore, as all the news outlets are touting the hot new crime: "Craiglist Robberies." And although people have been getting robbed, and hell, murdered, thanks to Craigslist since it first started, apparently it's gotten worse. A little tip: If you're dumb enough to respond to an ad on Craigslist offering a new in box 32 Gig Ipad 2 for $250... then you don't really deserve to have that money in the first place.

A Middle River church was vandalized yet again, so "Cable Connexions" stepped up and donated security equipment to prevent any more acts of destruction.

As much as people worry about Craigslist robberies, use of the good 'ol "pizza boy heist", is still going  strong, as a delivery man fell pray to this attack in Essex earlier this week.

A Dundalk man is in big trouble in Saint Mary's county after getting busted for police impersonation. This is not the first time 30-year-old Donald James Church Jr. (Pictured Right) has impersonated a police officer. He has prior convictions for assault and police impersonation, and more then a few Patch comments indicate he's been at it for a while.

A third suspect has been busted on charges related to the Lutherville "pill mill." New York resident Alina Margulis, 45, is facing drug distribution charges or her role in the ever widening conspiracy. Kind of curious why this is being held in County court, not Federal...

Carjacker Tyrone Royster, 24, has been sentenced to 10 years in the Federal can after pleading guilty to his role in a Christmas carjacking. Co-defendant Winston Golder, 22, was also sentenced to 10 years.

Finally, two leaders of the Latrobe Homes drug gang have been given significant federal prison sentences. New York resident Shawn Johnson, age 41, has been exiled for 13 years after pleading guilty to importing massive amounts of heroine into Baltimore from 2008 to 2011. Co-defendant and street level leader Antonio McNeely received 11 years for similar charges. 

Life for Rape

Hack cabbie Samuel Queen got life plus 63 years for raping a woman who got into his car.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bernstein for the win

From the State's Attorney's Office:
May 23, 2012 -- Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Paul Smith sentenced William Carr today to life in prison plus 25 years for robbing and murdering a 55-year-old beverage delivery man who was working at a busy shopping plaza at the time of the attack.
On April 6, 2012, a Baltimore City jury convicted Carr, 50, of first-degree felony murder; armed robbery; two counts of using a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence; and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
At approximately 3 p.m. on June 28, 2011, Carr approached Chong Wan Yim with a handgun and demanded his vest. Yim was carrying money in the vest, having just completed a delivery to a retailer in the Erdman Shopping Center in the 3900 block of Erdman Avenue. Yim attempted to resist the armed robbery attempt. The two struggled next to Yim's delivery truck as shoppers looked on. Ending the fight, Carr shot and killed Yim and then ran away.
A cashier and customer at a nearby Rite-Aid store observed the murder, identified Carr in a photo array, and testified against him at trial. Police provided additional evidence, including an analysis of fingerprint and palm prints found on the delivery truck where Yim and Carr had struggled, determining that they belonged to the defendant.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twin cleared, officer ID'd

Justin Fenton: City police have identified the officer in the weekend police shooting as Gregory Bragg. Suspect grabbed another officer's gun, police say (from FB)

A woman in Hampden was assaulted with pliers, says the Patch

Kenisha Thomas, the mother accused of stabbing her baby at a Social Services office, saying "if I can't have her nobody can," was indicted by a Grand Jury. 

In HoCo, twin Wael Ali was cleared of killing his brother Wasel

Good tips for dealing with the police from Tucker Max, of all people, with bonus Chris Rock video, "How to Not Get Beaten by the Police."

If you're thinking of inseminating yourself with your dead husband's sperm for the Social Security benefits, SCOTUS says think again. Also considering for consideration: if it's excessive force to Taser® a pregnant woman.

Media Blabber: in spite of their pay-reporters-nothing business model, AOL's Patch is laying off about 20 employees, including former Sun VP of Interactive Tim Windsor.
And word on the street is the Tribune Co. will try to sell its newspapers after it emerges from bankruptcy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

An Update That Was Well Worth the Wait

Police shoot and kill a mentally-ill man inside his home. 31-year-old Maurice Holloman was shot while "attempting to grab an officer's gun."

Remember Chey Jordan? You probably don't... but he was the then 20-year-old who shot a Baltimore police officer with a semi-automatic rifle for seemingly no reason? Well, he's been convicted and, sentenced to 25 years in prison. It's truly amazing that he only hit the officer's holstered weapon, causing it to fire itself. Although that's a lucky shot, I was under the impression guns only went off when shot in Spaghetti Westerns.

A suspected Molotov cocktail attack occurred in the 1100 block of Barclay St. forcing one person to go to the hospital. Is this a return of the Molotov Cocktail gang from last year?*

Two men are in serious condition after both are shot multiple times in the legs and feet at the intersection of Aisquith and Preston Street Saturday.

That will put a damper on the party... a 19-year-old out partying with friends got popped in his behind at the 400 block of Oldtown Mall Saturday night.

Frank Durika, a 36-year-old Essex man, was struck and killed by a vehicle in Dundalk Sunday night. Interesting trend in recent accidental county deaths, with less-than-wholesome people being the victims.. Durika had at least 11 felony convictions in the state of MD as an adult.

A few weeks back 26-year-old Robert Ey was struck and killed by the MARC train.

Finally, a pill mill was raided in Lutherville. Two men, Michael Reznikov, 51, and 78-year-old Gerald Wiseberg (Pictured Right) were arrested days later for their roles in the large-scale fraud. Neighboring businesses reportedly became suspicious when cars from everywhere from Kentucky to Florida showed up all day, every day. I myself am not the least bit surprised, because if you're going to house an illegal prescription drug ring, of course you're going to house it in the most unlegitimate/vaguely motel-looking building within a three mile radius.

Also... their online ad just seemed extremely legit:

A Drug Ring Goes Down

That major announcement has been revealed to be the fruits of a six month murder and drug investigation. 14 people were charged in either state or federal court for participating in a large scale drug ring run by Robert G. Moore. As well as running a massive drug ring, Moore and associates also spent a good chunk of 2011 terrorizing the small neighborhood that surrounded the 1900 block of N. Collington Ave.*
Among those charged were:

Drug Kingpin Robert G. Moore, 43; Currently Serving 8 years in state prison for an unrelated drug dealing conviction.

Sarah Hooker, 29; Facing separate drug dealing charges when indicted.

Anthony Roach, 35; Has a conviction related to attempted murder, as well as a multitude of drug dealing convictions. Currently awaiting trial for the 09/16/11 shooting of Allen Venable.

Donnie Adams, 34; Adams has multiple drug and gun convictions and is awaiting trial for gun possesion by a felon at the time of the indictment.

Quincy Chisholm, 21; Currently awaiting trial for shooting Edwin Willis on 09/19/11.

David Warren, 19; Warren had been charged with attempted murder a whopping three times by the time he turned 18. Also awaiting trial for Armed Robbery at the time if the indictment. 

Emmanuel Deminds, 34; Prior convictions for Attempted Murder and drug dealing.

Taylor Flemming, 16

Nizam Roach, 38; A convicted drug dealer with prior arrests for gun possession by a felon.

Charged Federally:
Gregory Fitzgerald, 46

Tommy Heard, 34; Heard has a prior manslaughter conviction, as well as several drug dealing convictions.

Curtis Byrd Jr., 37; Byrd has prior arrests for kidnapping and large scale drug dealing, and at least one actual drug dealing conviction.

Black October

More from homicide lieutenant Stephen Tabeling on the murder of State Delegate Turk Scott, a suspected heroin dealer and the involvement of mysterious vigilante group Black October.