Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is Baltimore. This is what's happening.

After a rash of killings, several recent homicide victims have been identified by The Sun.*

Fells Point's residents are on edge thanks to a string of armed robberies, including one that included the classic line "This is Baltimore. This is what's happening" followed by a pistol whipping.

A 25-year-old serial traffic infractor is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. Tavon Williams attempted to run down an officer while fleeing the Borgerding District Court Building. The officer has not been identified and Williams is recovering in the hospital.

Police have arrested face-tat-rocking Maurice Lonan, 26, (Pictured Right) for a triple shooting/home invasion in the 5500 block of Lothian Road that left 35-year-old Quinton Winder dead.

Afro has an interesting article regarding the still-unsolved February murder of 22-year-old Jerry Isaac, believed to have been killed after breaking up a fight.

Get caught with a .22, get 15 years in the federal pen. So was the fate of 36-year-old Joseph Bassett, a Baltimore resident with six prior drug convictions to his name.

Have you seen the man sketched to the right? Whomever he is, City popo say he's the man responsible for killing Lance "Tracey" Johnson (#105) on July 5. The BPD says Johnson was 40 years old and "a transgender."

City Paper has a more detailed account of the now federally convicted former wiener-lady Shanel Stallings, convicted of offering up mustard, relish and heroin to go along with her frankfurters.

A peaceful demonstration inside City Hall Monday night lead to the arrest of two protestors.

Drug trafficker Howard Drummond Jr., 26, was exiled for the next 12-plus years by federal authorities. Drummond has a long criminal past including a separate 10-year state sentence for similar charges, as well as having been previously charged alongside now 26-year-old Joel Ugah for the 2008 murder of Sandy Howard. Both men were eventually acquitted, and Ugah is now facing an August trial related to his own drug distribution charges. It is unknown whether the state and federal charges will run concurrently or consecutively.

A human head was found in Pasadena.

Finally, racist spree killer Wade Michael Page, the perpetrator of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting had apparently been signed to local white supremacist record label "Label 56." Page at one point played a local racist music festival during his time with the label.

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Cham said...

The police need to come up with a fair and accurate term for men that wear women's clothing. I suggest 'cross dresser', which could also include women that wear men's clothing like the woman-man I saw on the bus yesterday. 'Transgender' implies that an individual has had some sort of surgery and is taking hormones, when this may not be the case and nobody would know for sure until the medical examiner finishes their report on a homicide victim. Baltimore has its fair share of gender benders, where cross dressers seem to be predisposed to being victims of criminal activity. Maybe the LGBT community could weigh in on this dilemma and come up with a term that is fair and accurate.