Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Surveillance Being... Useful

Believe it or not, city surveillance cameras do occasionally come in handy. Two men, Tyrell Brogden, 26, and James Pitts, 23 (Pictured Right and Far Right Respectively), were arrested and charged in the wrench beating death of 50-year-old Charles Johnson thanks in large part to city surveillance video that caught the entire crime unfolding.*

The honorable judge Barry G. Williams handed down a life plus 20 sentence to Anayah B. Miles, 33, for non-fatally shooting one of his baby-mama's pals. 

Homicide detectives are probing the "suspicious death" of a 3-month-old child, the family of whom are giving very conflicting reports as to what exactly happened to the baby boy.

Two seperate incidents have put two city criminals prematurely on the streets. 26-year-old Robert Aaron was accidentally released from a city courthouse Tuesday, while Deandre Scott, 28, is wanted after removing his ankle bracelet and absconding from home detention.

An alarming number of car larcenies continue to plague North Baltimore. 

A drug deal goes south (Shocking!), and ends with balding Dundalkian Thomas Schnople, 24 (Pictured Right), firing almost a half dozen shots at his drug dealers, missing the man but striking his car. 

A 2008 County murder case has finally been resolved, with 33-year-old Antoine Reed, Jr. being being convicted for the shooting death of Hunter's Crossing Apartments manager Milton Barnes.

The family of 17-year-old Christopher Brown feel the manslaughter charges against Officer James Laboard are not severe enough.

Finally, the latest Baltimore Guide Crime Blotter, this one recounting crimes in South Baltimore, includes a line cutter cutting someone, a stolen shitzu, and a “Boh Knows Football” paraphernalia caper.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad to think that I believe Chris Brown's mother is only acting this way in order to sue the City, PD, and off duty officer. She should feel ashamed of herself, and so should the states attorney for Baltimore County.

Maurice Bradbury said...

You should feel bad, that's a crappy thing to say. She lost a child and should sue this officer for his last dime, just like if he was driving drunk and killed this kid-- the officer knew the law but was too out of control to follow it.

And wow, cameras solve a crime! Is this the first one? Finally those hundred$ of million$ pay off!

ppatin said...
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ppatin said...

It sounds like Brown died as the result of a fight that he was at least partially responsible for instigating. That may be manslaughter on the officer's part but it's not murder.

Maybe the mother should have taught her son not to throw rocks at people's houses?

Maurice Bradbury said...

I agree. Not murder, and don't throw rocks, stupid. But the officer still needs a-suin'