Thursday, April 5, 2012

44, 45

Two earlier shooting victims have been added to the homicide toll. 19-year-old Javell Heath*; "was found shot in the head March 27, on the grounds of the Yorkwood Apartment complex in the 1100 block of E. Belvedere Ave." Dion Brandon, 30, who was injured in a triple shooting back in 2005, died April 2nd of this year from complications related to his wounds.

Murders 40-43 in this week's Ink

The city will pay $95,000 to a 90-year-old retired schoolteacher who had her shoulder torn in a scuffle with police. “Jack” Young voted against the settlement.

A Baltimore beatdown video of, not the same video as the guy stripped and beaten in front of the courthouse*

Trial starts today for Nelson Clifford, accused of three rapes.

A man was arrested for robbing the Edgewood Burger King drive-thru

Married dad Brian Funk has to register as a sex offender for sexting a student.

And speaking of students, anti-Semetic slurs and a noose found at the University of Maryland, echoes of the firehouse noose...? What are the odds of this not being fake?

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