Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogs on Crack

A local crack smoker has taken to blogging: The Relapse Diary. I had no idea smoking crack made people want to take off their clothes.. well, now I know. And true story about Charles Village: "these poor students are getting the fur tore off them! ... funding a adjacent Open Air Drug Market and its not being talked about." Indeed, a JHU student is probably robbed or burgled at least once a day-- and that's conservative. JHU students are Greenmount crackheads' ATMs!

Not literal crack, but also a good read: Not All Baltimore Chicks are Stupid


The Relapse Diary said...

Thank you for the support!


The Relapse Diary said...

Thanks again today was a big day! Thanks for introducing me to your fan base! Release me into the blogesphere! Exciting day thanks for making it possible!

The Relapse Diary

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks for writing, RD, hope you keep it up!

.. ps., TAB, there are two 44's on the toll because #18 was ruled self-defense before murder #45.