Friday, April 6, 2012

Preston and Jason: Standing their Ground

Brandon Washington, 26, #18, was removed from the toll after his killing was ruled justifiable self-defense. Reported Justin Fenton, "Court records describe Preston Feaster and Jason Ingram barricading themselves inside a home as a group of men armed with handguns shot into the house. Fearing for their lives in a neighborhood where calling the authorities is a last resort for some residents, they shot back from an upstairs window, killing 26-year-old Brandon Washington and injuring Darries Sommerville, who was 17 at the time, police say."

Recanting witnesses and gas can photos in the dog-burning trial, which is scheduled to continue on Monday.

The Court of Appeals today will hear the case of women married in California who hoped to divorce in Maryland and were turned down. Wacky fact from CBS: "Maryland law bars an uncle and a niece from marrying, but the state will recognize that marriage if it legally occurred in another state." Some news sources are reporting this story as unprecedented, but that's not exactly true. .. I swear I remember reading about a lesbian child-custody case in The Daily Record in Baltimore County in the late '90s, too, anyone else remember that one?

Down in the marshier part of the county, rough-looking duo John Joseph Leschefsky Jr., 27, and Carollyn Robin Duschl, 29, were charged with the murder of Jeffrey Jennings, 57, motive unknown.

In Cockeysville, two guys were arrested after trying to rob the Alpha Gold Exchange, and a copper thief was arrested in Pikesville.

A Parkton man is in hot water after pretending to be a teenager in an attempt to seduce a 14-year-old on Facebook.

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