Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Internet Does Have a Soul...

Yet another video of a Baltimore assault has made it into the realms of the inter-web, but even the internet has standards. The video, which shows a man being assaulted and stripped has caused an uproar, and several cases of internet vigilantism. *

This weeks Murder Ink recaps another violent week, including two fatal officer involved shootings.

In another case of robbery stripping. Terrell Scott, 21, was convicted of kidnapping, beating, and shooting a man before setting his car on fire. Scott faces up to 261 years when sentenced.

It's all in the family. A mother-daughter identity theft team were sent to prison. Mother Gloria Canada, 55, got six years for stealing Johns Hopkins Hospital patient information while daughter Ayanna Devon Johnson, 39, got five years.

As expected the Maryland attorney general has filed an appeal to the recent gun permit ruling.

Police are ISO the scuzz-bucket who sexually assaulted a woman in the 1600 block of Johnson Street last week.

A Baltimore County man is dead after a truck fell and pinned him to death.

A unidentified body was found in a wooded area in Middle River.

50-year-old convicted sex offender Michael Nicholas Villa, who couldn't look more the part if he tried, was arrested and charged with various peeping tom incidents, specifically one in a Panera bathroom.

The most recent crime blotter has everything from eye pokes to bookshelf beatings.

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We live in a ruff city! Negative or what ever the opinion might be, they need to get out!