Friday, August 16, 2013

Make a little, break a little

An 86-year-old man was strangled to death* in his apartment at the Weinburg Place senior center by Pimlico, he's victim #145.

Michael Smoot, shot three different times in the 90's, was added to 2013's toll.

Yes, that was Cory Bowman who shot himself yesterday. The Sun reports that there have been eight domestic homicides this year.*  Indeed, why don't domestic abusers have ankle monitors (and/or shock collars)?

Two shootings in a year for officer Charles Mewshaw.*

It's been robbery-crazy in the Southeast part of town, even by the standards of the Southeast part of town. Also please help this guy find his bikes. ... a terrific map of all 2013 robberies by Cham.  I would not have expected Belair and Harford Roads to be such hotbeds.

A car that crashed into a house and a Catonsville robbery at gunpoint in the Patch's compilation of top news of the week.
Damon Pitts

Handgun violations bad, hairdo, A+, Damon Pitts. Other handgun violators include Tony Jackson, Keith Deminds Jr. (what's the C for?), Maurice Snowden (any relation to Carl?), Carvell Jones (any relation to CookiePuss?), James Powers, Chris Tomlin, Takuma Tate, Commie Williams (commie?)... wait, speaking of commies, is it really kosher to post photos of these guys when they haven't been convicted? Well, click according to thine own conscience...

WTF, why did George Walter Carlisle II call in a fake hostage situation?

D'oh! AAC purse snatcher snatches purse of woman he knows. Also in AAC, a little boy beaten up for his bike on Disney Road, the perps transmogrified into a donkey and a toad, respectively.

Chief judge of the Foreign Intellegence Surveillance Court: we don't police shit for shit. Obvz not, given the recent revelation that the NSA violated its own BS privacy rules at least 2,776 times.


Anonymous said...

"WTF, why did George Walter
Carlisle II call in a fake
hostage situation?"........class project?

Anonymous said...

......for an imaginary class?

Anonymous said...

Put a dead crow on top of Damon
Pitts hair and he could be in
The Lone Ranger sequel.