Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday January 25

Detective Jones of the Baltimore City Homicide Department reports that there has been an arrest made in the shooting death of Justin Gaglione (see Sun blotter item below), but could give no further information, though interested parties may be able to get more details from the detective on the case, Napoleon Maclane, at 410-396-2400.

Jones also reports that, contrary to what was previously reported by the Hampden Happenings, the highly suspect-sounding death of Nick Marsalek has still not been classified as a homicide, a decision which rests with the Medical Examiner's Office, and the case is not currently being handled by the homicide division.

in other news...
WBAL reports that a Hopkins student was found strangled in her Charles Village apartment on Sunday, the 27th homicide in Baltimore this month. The killing was six blocks from where another Hopkins student, Christopher Elser, 20, was stabbed nine months ago.

An article form the Afro-American about the Baltimore informant who's been forced out-of-state by drug gangs.

A story about the Thanksgiving-morning whodunit murder of 23-year-old Waldorfian Christopher Mader.

from the Sun city/county digest:

Police release names of four homicide victims
City police released the names yesterday of four victims of homicides over the past 10 days.
  • Police said Michael Mick, 40, was the man found fatally shot Thursday along with Teresa F. Moore, 51, in their home in the 800 block of N. Bradford St. She had been named earlier.

  • A woman found shot to death in a public park in the 5700 block of Chinquapin Parkway, also on Thursday, was identified as Reshawn Myers, 19, of the 700 block of Exeter Hall Ave.

  • Kenneth Battle, 29, of the 2800 block of Echodale Ave. was fatally shot Wednesday in the 2900 block of Brighton St.

  • The other victim, shot to death Jan. 14 in the 300 block of E. 20 1/2 St., was identified as Justin Gaglione, 29, of the 1200 block of St. Paul St. (see middle of the page for the obituary in the Annapolis Capitol).

...and there's rape, robbery, assult and other assorted crimes in today's blotter.

Three people have been arrested in Dudalk for shooting at a police officer carrying out a drug raid.

The Washington Times reports that the murder rate in Baltimore has caused a shake-up in the police department.

in surrounding areas...

A woman in Rockville has pled guilty to stabbing her father.

The whole world, including the British press, has picked up the story of a refugee from Myanmar accused of stabbing his wife in front of his two kids in Catonsville over the weekend who now faces deportment.

In Harford county a fight between girl gangs led to assault with scissors.


RobotussinDM said...

Dear Choco,

Did you read this WJZ “news” interview about the JHU murder? I can’t make heads or tails of what the Major is saying. To my way of thinking ‘wrong place,wrong time’ is getting stabbed at the ATM by a heroine addict when you’re getting money. What could he mean by wrong place wrong time? She was murdered in her apartment. And if seeking to ‘ease fears’ was his goal, he surely has failed. WTF?

Jan 26, 2005 7:35 am US/Eastern
Baltimore, MD (WJZ) Baltimore's homicide chief said Tuesday that the murder of a Johns Hopkins University senior found asphyxiated in her off-campus apartment appeared to be a crime of "opportunity ... a wrong place, wrong-time type thing."

Linda Trinh, a 21-year-old biomedical engineering major from Silver Spring, was found dead in her apartment, across the street from the university, on Sunday.

Major Richard Fahlteich sought to ease the fears of a campus dealing with the second murder of a Hopkins student in nine months.

He says the crime didn't appear to be a random act of violence.

But he also says Trinh probably wasn't targeted by her killer.

While he said police had "some evidence," he wouldn't discuss specifics.

Fahlteich wouldn't say whether Trinh knew the killer or if there was a forced entry, but he did say there was no evidence that she let the killer into her second-floor apartment.

Fahlteich said it was relatively easy to get in and out of Trinh's building.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I did hear that quote and it is completely nonsensical. And not calming at all. "Don't worry, kids... we think it's just some random person going around strangling coeds as soon as they get the chance!" It kind of sounds like they think someone was robbing her apartment and she walked in on it. There have been a lot of burglaries in the area lately (but then again, that's not so unusual).