Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cub Scouts Disillusioned

The man shot by police after stabbing a pregnant woman was ID'd as Brendan J. Singleton, 19. He's dead, mom and baby are alive.

Visiting Cub Scouts got a lesson in Baltimore smash-n-grabbery. Hermann: "in the first 10 days of January, 182 cars were broken into."
(... anyone else surprised that the police said they'd come at all? The last time my car was broken into I just got a report number over the phone.)

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I am so wise said...

You think BCPD is bad about responding to minor crime, try filing a complaint with IA. I did back in 2006 and they've still refuse to investigate.

Meanwhile, in the military, IG are able to respond to complaints with 120. Even in war zones like Fallujah.