Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whose rights?

"A Baltimore police officer has been suspended from the force after his arrest on charges that he raped his wife at gunpoint"

County police are still ISO 14-year-old Tymaine D’Aren Sellman, wanted for shooting a 13-year-old in Woodlawn New Year's Eve. (How far can he get without a license or credit cards .. or the help of close relations?)

And the case of "little Gerard" opened with testimony from the "jailbird" and his arresting officers

"Tens of thousands of Maryland debt-collection lawsuits will be dismissed because the massive collections firm that brought them appears to be collapsing."

Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr. of the county's district 10 issponsoring legislation that would prohibit Maryland from recognizing gay marriages validated by other states or countries.

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History Punk said...

As much as people should pay their debts, the debt collectors and their creditors knew the rules. Frankly, I hope it learns them to be more on top of these things.