Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cops to Bernstein: Quit Drag-assing

The homicide closure rate is apparently way down (43%), homicide detectives are blaming prosecutors, and the police spokesman is blaming police (?!). Not. A. Good. Sign.


Dennis said...

This from the Prosecutor who swore he'd improve the relationship with the cops. Good to see city incompetence isn't just in city hall.

ppatin said...


Maybe Bernstein doesn't want to push forward on weak cases? From what I understand the homicide unit's clearance rate is based on cases that they close with an arrest. It doesn't matter if the perp is convicted or not, therefore the polive have an incentive to improve their clearance statistics by making as many arrests as possible (at least that's how it worked in the late 1980s when Homicide was written.)

Rob Carlson said...

The link is broken.