Tuesday, March 7, 2006

March 7

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services report: 21,721 African-Americans in Baltimore were arrested but not charged in a year (!). Grand Jury report: arrests without merit border on constitutional violation. (Maybe we should just classify them as "enemy combatants.")

Mere days after Ronald Ector was indicted for impersonating a deputy U.S. marshal, scary-looking felon Karl Glenn Salenieks of Crofton was arrested for impersonating an officer and illegally possessing handguns and a taser, among other things. Yipes.

Blotter: Man stabbed in the lower back in the Southeastern, a woman robbed of $40 after being struck on head with metal pipe, a robbed High's, a robbed McDonald's, a stolen Soviet rifle.

A 13-year-old boy robbed a man getting off of a bus in the Northeastern, using a semi-automatic weapon with a laser sight and a 33-round clip.

"Benjie" Evans, wanted for murder in Annapolis, was apprehended.

The Pumpkin and Honey Bunny of Dundalk, James and Carol Sparacco, were arrested and charged with eight counts of armed robbery.

A 26-year-old man, Ramon Pena, was pulled over on 95 for tailgating ... and was arrested when cops found 174 pounds of cocaine bricks (79 kilograms? Welcher Kontinent das WBAL an ist?) and $22,000 in cash in the car.

How cute: in Carroll County a boy faces suspension for bringing brass knuckles to school.

Where are all these pedophiles coming from? Brian Trimble pled guilty to attempting to buy child pornography from a postal inspector.

In Landover, the death of Calida Williams, a 28-year-old mother whose body was found in her burning apartment, was ruled a homicide.

Monday, March 6, 2006

March 6

Should the Rice brothers potentially get away with double murder because they made a plea agreement for a previous bunch of charges? One wouldn't think so, but it sounds like that was the norm ... until Rod J. Rosenstein came to town. Love him.

Blotter: A 17-year-old boy was shot in the back and a woman was shot in the knee in the Northeastern.

In Jessup, 27-year-old James Darnell was indicted on eight counts related to an attempted rape and burglary allegedly commited within a day after he was released on bail while awaiting trial on similar charges.

In Bel Air, trial for involuntary manslaughter is scheduled to start Wednesday for a second defendant, Elaine Bulter, in the case of the 16-month-old boy who died of a methadone overdose.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

March 5

Larry Haynes, 30, was found shot to death on the 2400 block of Jefferson Street. Joseph Schlick, 25, was shot in the head in the Southwestern and remains in "grave" condition. Joseph Schlick, 25, was shot in the head in the Southwest during an argument.

Police are seeking Derrick Lamont Brown, 21, for the murder of Benjamin Philip Evans in Annapolis.

Death-faking, gambling, suspicious fires... Cynthia Jean McKay of the Millersville body-burning case is starting to sound like MD's answer to Sante Kimes. And ladies, should you ever be accused of a horrible crime, try this: "a detective told McKay's then-lawyer that he had planned to question her about the embezzlement and the fire. But McKay became distraught and began to cry."

Human remains were found in Dorchester County.

The arrests at Kawasaki buck a national trend: though Maryland's illegal immigrant population has doubled in the past four years, the INS fines for businesses employing illegal workers about 10 times less frequently than in '92.

In Columbia, an employee at the Lonestar Steakhouse stabbed another worker with (what else?) a steak knife.

Crimes against our culture dept: John Travola has been cast as Edna Turnblad in a Hairspray movie remake.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

March 4

merrittPolice are seeking 36-year-old Irvin Merritt, left, who allegedly slit the throat of Frederica Moseley on N. Bond Street two weeks ago.

Antoine Edward Adams, 32, was acquitted of the robbery and murder of Justin Michael Gaglione, 29, last January in "Lower Waverly" near North Avenue. The "good" news is that Adams is already serving three consecutive life sentences plus 60 years for the murders of Penelope Medina, Theresa Moore and Michael Mick.

Friday, March 3, 2006

March 3

Joseph Miller, 26, was shot to death in front of a house near Druid Hill and Forest Parks. Also in the blotter, Warrant Task Force was busy, arresting a kidnapping rapist, an attempted murderer and an insurance company defrauder. And someone robbed the Little Tavern again (for at least the third time in a year).

A man's body was found in a burning rowhouse on the West side.

A Federal Grand Jury indicted 28-year-old convicted felon Ronald Ector for impersonating a police officer.

Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs and Democrat Delegate Jill Carter are persuing a law to make it a crime for local police departments to knowingly report false crime statistics. They also want whistleblower protections to shield street-level officers who refuse to report false numbers.

The Sun apparently finds it more newsworthy that some tourists can't find a sushi restaurant than that, oh by the way, the three owners of Kawasaki, Tzu Ming Yang, 48, his wife, Jui Fan Lee Yang, 49, and Jack Chang, 41, all face more than 30 years in prison for money laundering and housing undocumented workers in "squalid" conditions.

The Cordish Co. was fined a paltry $800 for allowing underage drinking at Power Plant Live.

All charges have been dropped against Kevin Ackwood, who spent a month in jail and whose dog Trigger was shot to death by Baltimore City Police officers.

Police are looking for armed-and-dangerous Tracy D. Fletcher of Bowie, wanted for stealing ATM machines.

Perv patrol: Paul George Page, a former teacher at Sykesville Middle School in Carroll County, got no jail time for downloading child pornography on school computers during the school day. And in Columbia, students at Cradlerock School reported a flasher.

Messenger Blotter: a man was jumped while getting on the elevator at Union Memorial Hospital. A car was stolen, recovered, then stolen again the next day.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

March 2

Milburn Henson, 42 and wheelchair-bound, was fatally shot in the head. Donte Bellamy, 22, and Duraye Cole, 36, were identified as the two men fatally shot on E. 25th street.

Jayne: Comparing the first two months of this year to last using the Mayor's own numbers, violent crime is up in almost every category: shootings are up 55 percent; robberies 20 percent; burglaries 27 percent; aggravated assault, 6 percent. The only reduction was in homicide: there were four fewer this year.

In Essex, Thomas Rawls, a burglary suspect, died during a struggle with police.

dollarWhat kind of group home would let a mentally impaired man go to the North Avenue McDonald's? Now Nicholas Dollar, 23, of Randallstown, is missing.

Blotter: Derrick Brown, 29, was arrested with intent to distribute marijuana. A man robbed the M&T Bank on South Broadway, plenty of muggings, and ... why do the car thieves seem to favor the late-model American cars? And what's a 'black powder' handgun, like a mini-musket or something?

Michael Branch, 23, got 25 federal years for selling crack. And Grayson Ramsburg Jr., 45, got five years' probabtion for child porn.

Baltimore City School Police recovered the fourth gun of the year on school property, this one a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic at William H. Lemmel Middle School in the Northwest.

Two Catholic-school teachers have been accused of sexually abusing a male student at Our Lady of Pompei High School in the '90s.

A clean-shaven black man with crooked teeth allegedly sexually assaulted two teenage girls in two different incidents last Monday and Tuesday in the Northern.

Police caught an Annapolis 17-year-old, Matthew J. Haarhoff, on the Eastern Shore, and arrested him for first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing and burning of Anthony Fertitta.

The Towson student who was feloniously touched in her sleep talked to the Towerlight about the extremely creepy incident.

In AA County, Linda Lee Nichols got a five-year sentence for the drunk-driving crash that killed two 16-year-old boys, Kevin Durm and David Snyder, of Arnold. After the fatal crash, instead of trying to help the victims, she walked to a convenience store and bought a pack of gum.

In Frederick, an officer shot and killed a suspect. Also, a sex offender Richard Sherry got 18 months' probation for failing to register his address.

In PG County, a second suspect, Sean Wallace, 19, was arrested for kidnapping youngsters and forcing them to rob banks.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

February 29

It looks like the two men murdered yesterday were shot on East 25th Street, but one was driven to Hopkins Hospital and left in the car. Assuming the men were murdered, the incident brings the year's murder total to 43. Amazingly, says the CP, no one was murdered last week.

hayesKenneth J. Lighty, 23, is now formally the second federal death-row prisoner in Maryland. Lightly was convicted of abducting and murdering Eric Hayes, left, who was the son of a DC police lieutenant.

Marcus Bell, 22, was arrested for the attempted murder of Craig Bigger, 49.

Is it un-Christian to sell liquor at a party for a porn star? Not necessarily, according to the experts of Modern Drunkard magazine.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 28

There were two murders last night, one on East 25th street and one near Hopkins Hospital.

Allegation: a man was carjacked and beaten. When he reported the incident to the police, they called him a liar, threatened to arrest him, refused to report his vehicle as stolen and made him walk home, injured.

Federal Judge Motz has refused to delay trial for officers Antonio L. Murray and William A. King, accused of shaking down drug addicts, stealing their cash and reselling the drugs on the street.

The City Council approved a resolution backing a task force of "academics" to audit crime statistics.

Blotter: last November's death of George Davis was ruled a homicide, bringing the total number of homicides reported by the coroner's office for 2005 to 276. A man was arrested for the attempted murder of Terrance Devillassee, 23. A man was hit on the head with a gun near Power Plant Live.

Coram nobis: safety valve or legal loophole?

Why does the strip club Night Shift have a van? And why did the driver of said van pick up the attacker of Carl Schoettler and drive him to West Baltimore?

In Harford County, Jonathan Felix Knight, 21 and a suspected member of the Bloods, is being held for attempted murder after a shooting in the Edgewood area.

Police in Towson are seeking the public's help in locating a man who broke into a woman's apartment and attempted to sexually assault her while she was sleeping.

In Baltimore County, a student with a gun was removed from a school bus and arrested.

In Montgomery County, Shirley Lumbao, the mother of two Rockville teenagers, will serve two days in jail because of her sons' truancy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27

A 72-year-old Sun reporter was robbed near City Hall and is in critical condition at Shock Trauma.

In the Blotter, a man was arrested for trying to choke a woman with a phone cord, a man shoved a woman from a moving Pontiac, in Dundalk an SUV driver was shot when he tried to run down a police officer.

The Feds don't mess around. Bryant Warren, 34, got more than 12 years for heroin conspiracy-to-distribute.

In Baltimore County, "Big Thick" John Gaumer was indicted for the murder of Josie Brown.

AA County police have arrested Cynthia Jean McKay, the "girlfriend" of the man whose burned body was found in Millersville.

In Calvert County, prosectors will not seek the death penalty against Graham D. Buckmaster.

More on the Charles County murder/suicide involving Safiyyah Malik and Marvin Marshall.

Thirty years after he killed his wife, mother and three sons in Bethesda, then dumped the bodies in North Carolina, police are still seeking Bradford Bishop.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26

Benjamin Evans, 25, was 2006's third homicide victim in Annapolis.

A lot of burglaries in Cedarcroft.

The WBAL "unreported crimes" story will actually run tomorrow at 6 and 11.

The body burned in Millersville belonged to 50-year-old Anthony Fertitta.

Rabbi David Kaye of Potomac and elementary-school teacher Steven Benoff lost their jobs after being busted by Dateline NBC (and mentioned on Larry King by Judge Judy) for trying to solicit sex from minors online.

A cop on Craigslist rants about "worthless annoying scumbags" and the "miserable process of Balt. City justice."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25

Gene Foreman, 16, pled guilty to the murder of Darrell Winston after he was caught by one of those police cameras.

This story is structured so poorly you have to read it more than once to figure out what's going on. But basically, the defense attorney for one of the McAbier firebombers plans to appeal the conviction, arguing that the case should have been brought by the state, not the Feds, because Edna was snitching to local police, not the FBI. Rod Rosenstein says that because drug trafficking was involved and trafficking is a federal crime, the venue was appropriate. Which, let's hope, may be a sign that the U.S. attorney's office is going to start going after more intimidation cases.

Sigh, another murder-suicide, or possibly a double homicide, this time in Glen Burnie.

Friday, February 24, 2006

February 24

There will be another WBAL "unreported crimes" story aired tonight at 11.

In the Western, a man was stabbed in the neck, arm and shoulder with a kitchen knife. A third teenager, 17-year-old Corey Jones, was arrested for the murder of Kwane Walker.

The O'Malley Administration is stepping up its efforts to boost public confidence in the numbers. Hamm released numbers showing that the police's record of gunshot injuries jibes with what local hospitals and EMTs reported in '05.

In the County, Baltimore County Police have arrested and charged Richard Nelson Foltz IV, 16, for the shooting of Angela Holyfield, 15.

Meanwhile, a sexual assault went blatantly unreported by city police in this story by Jayne Miller. Anne Arundel County police notified City police that they had physical evidence of a sexual assault that took place in the city. The city detective replies that police won't be needing that swab, thanks, because no crime took place.

Felon Alonzo Briscoe got 17 years for a gun charge.

Richard Schildtknecht, 30, got one and a half years in jail for downloading child pornography on his office computer.

In Charles County on Wednesday, Marvin Charles Marshall, 24, shot Safiyah Yasmeen Rashid, 25, and then killed himself.

Three men were arrested for Cecil County's first murder of the year, the stabbing of Jose Rodriquez, 25.

Daniel Lanahan, 27, of Woodlawn, is charged with beating his father Frank in the head and face with a metal pole.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

February 23

MTA: outdated police communications equipment failed during the Harbor Tunnel threat last October, leaving emergency responders unable to communicate with law enforcement.

Ricky K. Wilkins, a senior member of the Bloods, was arrested in Elkridge for stabbing and beheading Terrance J. Williams last September.

James Smith, 19, was arrested and charged with the murder of Brian Sampson, 19. Tyrell Fleming and Davon Jones, both 18, were arrested for attemped murder, accused of shooting William Lowe, 43, of Rosedale.

Carlos Davila, 60, was shot in his home near Pikesville Middle School. Police are seeking a 20-something short Hispanic male suspect with a mustache.

A teenage girl was shot in the chest in Reisterstown.

The body burning in Millersville belonged to a 50-year-old man.

Gerald Jordan stole about $300,000 from an old folks' home.

A day after a Navy quarterback was charged with rape, the naval academy is investigating another sexual assault charge. According to a Defense Department study, 94 women have reported a rape at the Naval Academy in the past 10 years, and 142 female cadettes reported a sexual assault.

What the hell, why bother calling the police at all? Crime reports don't actually accomplish anything, paper and ink won't bring your stolen stuff back, un-rape you or remove that bullet from your lung...

Blogger "Huff" tracked down various online incarnations of "big thick" Christopher Gaumer (aka the myspace murderer), and some (disturbingly naïve) coeds who claim that he liked to drop his drawers in front of his webcam.

"It's about 10 p.m. ... young women sprint toward musty corners of the garage to urinate."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22

Remember Kevin Clark? Commissioner until November 2004 until fired abruptly after it was revealed that his wife had allegedly beat him about the head with a telephone 14 years prior? Now BAL's Jayne Miller's tracked him down in New York, and he's got not only allegations, but numbers from an internal audit in 2002 that pointed to "significant problems" in rape and robbery numbers that led the crimes to be underreported by 15 to 20 percent. Clark says the Mayor was aware of his concerns, but he was told by the O'Malley administration to drop the issue because it made the Mayor look bad. The mayor's press office responded to the story by calling Clark a liar and disgruntled employee. Meanwhile, Hamm's playing chief bulwark of uncomfortable meetings.

Five murders last week brought the 2006 toll to 40. The Sun reported four of the five.

Michael Lynn, 15, was arrested for the murder of Kwane Walker, 16. Three days after Walker's murder, another 16-year old boy was shot in the stomach on the West side of town. In the Northwestern, a 26-year-old was shot in the face. And on the West side Carrington McNutt, 18, was arrested and charged with attempted murder for shooting Eric Baker, 28.

A 15-year-old high school student stabbed a 16-year-old student shortly after the school day ended at W.E.B. Dubois high school in the Northeast.

Last Friday the BCGJ indicted Anthony Miller for the murders of Jason Convertino and Sean Wisniewski. Miller had been arrested repeatedly and was even charged with two murders, but he got away no less than five times because the State's Attorney's office declined to prosecute.

At a hearing today, Judge Edward Hargadon sentenced Lamar Johnson, 22, to life in prison plus 20 years for first-degree murder and the use of a handgun in the commission of a violent crime. On March 26, 2004, Johnson shot Carlos Sawyer, 31, multiple times next to the Tilghman Elementary School and Recreation Center in the 2200 block of McElderry Street as school was being dismissed for the day. After the first shot, while Mr. Sawyer lay in the gutter, and as schoolchildren looked on, Johnson continued shooting.

Kathryn Brown's grinning headshot looks just a little inappropriate next to a story about how a policeman discovered a burning body near Old Mill High School in Millersville, Anne Arundel County.

The grandmother of 17-year-old Jeremiah Brown Hall, accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old boy and forcing him to rob banks says her grandson is no criminal.

Navy football quarterback Lamar Owens Jr. has been charged with rape.

Are ugly teenagers more likely to become criminals, or just more likely to get in trouble?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

February 21

Kwane Walker, age 16, was shot in the stomach and died on Friday.

The body of Dorine Smith, 67, was found in the basement of her West Baltimore home on Saturday, and her death has been ruled a homicide.

Terrence Smith, leader of the gang that firebombed Edna McAbier's house, got 80 years for the attack.

keenanPolice are looking for convicted child rapist and unregistered sex offender Matthew Patrick Keenan of Dundalk (at left).

What a great idea: DUI plates.

Family law = one depressing mess.

Hung-over editor issues honest headline:
"Death Penalty issue gets confusing."
(If you want anything explained you have to ask somebody else.)

Terrance Hawkins of Upper Marlboro took 70 elderly Oprah fans for a ride.

Slow news day: with government offices and courts closed Monday but reporters at work, local papers filled pages with reader mail and transcibed voice messages, and Cheshire's ex wrote an article about how O'Malley's office broke the law by not responding to her letters in a timely fashion.

Monday, February 20, 2006

February 20

New York Daily News: Baltimore's port is "in the hands of a firm owned by a sheikdom suspected of connections to Al Qaeda terrorists, Iraqi insurgents and Iranian flame-throwers." The storm-in-the-Port story is so hot the Mayor made Al-Jazeerah, and Ehrlich jumped on the bandwagon with Pataki to be one of two GOP governors questioning the sale.

Irwin: A 26-year-old man was shot in the leg, a gaudy SUV was 'jacked and liquor and decorative plates were stolen.

Put ya lighters up for Time Magazine's "Looking For A Few Good Snitches", featuring quotes by Mrs. J, prosecutor Lisa Goldberg and Judge John Glynn and a reference to the Boyd/Meadows/Johnson intimidation case among others (and now Clyde is a free man). (Q: If a witness is killed, are their written or sworn statements still admissible in court?)

Baltimore Police embrace the lastest thing: video-tape-recordings of motion-pictures.

"The Centers for the Dignity of Women"-- how made up is that?... Is that where Elizabeth Krum can go for therapy?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

February 19

JZ: in the Flex Squad trial, will it be possible to seat jurors who can honestly "state under oat that they have formed no opinion on this case"?

Co-conspirator Hugo Arnaldo Aguilar-Mejia, 36, pled guilty in federal court to kidnapping 19-year-old Delmy Rivera in Frederick.

A 13-year-old boy was shot in a police officer's home in PG County.

Should felons be allowed to vote?

O to the M, Milkuski and other big-name Democrats are pig-biting mad over the sale of the Port of Baltimore to the Ay-rabs. Shows what I know-- I thought the Port was like a highway tollbooth where federal and state officials dilligently examined containers and collected taxes on their contents. But no ... less than five percent of containers are inspected.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 18

After a quiet few days, two people have been murdered: a teenage boy was fatally shot in the stomach on Druid Hill Avenue, and north of Fell's Point.

Fredericka Moseley died from a stab wound to the neck after a violent struggle.

Hamm stands behind the numbers.

In AA County, Savoy Stanley Saunders was found guilty of child abuse and two counts of second-degree murder for shaking his five-month-old son Jeremiah to death. Also, four people attacked and shot a 15-year-old boy.

Oh, classy. MD's perinneal "egomaniacal spectacle" and state comptroller sent an illegible note to the aide he ogled ... and simultaneously sent out Xeroxed copies of the note to the press.

Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17

A dead white female baby was found in a bag in Riverdale Park.

James Reigle, 46 and a five-time sex offender got a federal life sentence for child pornography.

In the first witness-intimidation verdict under the new post-Dawson laws, Clyde Meadows appeared before Judge John Miller yesterday and pled guilty to obstruction of justice. Under the terms of the plea agreement, announced in open court, Meadows had to admit guilt, which he did. Meadows must appear as a State's witness in the case of Amanda Johnson, scheduled for March 27 or 29 (there's confusion about the date since it was written down on the form as the 29th but verbally announced as the 27th...), and Meadows must stay away from the State's witness for the State vs. Timothy Meadows and Kenneth George, scheduled for April 12. Assuming the conditions are met, the agreement calls for Judge Miller to sentence Meadows to a suspended three-year prison term and three years of supervised probation on April 24. Meadows had been being held on bail but was released yesterday under terms of the agreement. That's right, he's out. Super!

Sun editorial: "accuracy in crime reporting is essential to assessing public safety". Which begs the question, how accurate of a sample is the "sampling of crimes" that is the blotter?

The allegation: After dirty doc Marc Fishman took over, conditions at Tamar's House in Park Heights got so bad a woman had to give birth unassisted on the floor.

WTF?! Are you kidding me?! As Baltimore cops were stalking war protestors on York Road, significant parts of The Port of Baltimore were sold to a Dubai company. Says Ruppersberger, "There could be weapons of mass destruction that could come into our ports, so we need to be on top of this." Yeah, ya think?

The story ain't over til we say it is, old man.

oraclEllisHampden residents may be interested to know that the trial of Kenneth "Oracl" Ellis, age 35 and charged with malicious destruction of property, is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, February 21, in courtroom one, Wabash Avenue District Court.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

February 16

zahidIf you voted Ehrlich you need to send this girl a get-well card and an apology. (right, Michael Williamson).

A man shot in PG County was identified as 20-year-old Tayvonne Bell of Laurel.

Jason Wells, 23, moved to Cape Cod to escape Baltimore's violence, then met his end in Sandwich at the hands of Daniel Prunty in a crazy drama.

cagalRemember Emily Cagal? Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to life for her murder.

Karja Hansen, 21, was shocked to find out that a guy she dated was not just 'a little bit of a jerk' but the (allegedly) homicidal jerk Christopher Gaumer.

A Jessup man was arrested for the second time in three days for trying to choke the same woman.

Kelley Briggs, the Harford County mom whose child overdosed on methadone, will serve five years.

Bobby Wayne Rhoades was arrested for tampering with baby formula.

The pills-for sex doctor is now also facing a $5 million lawsuit.

Sheila Warham: Hey sluts, you had the chance to be responsible before you took off the pants.

Unshockingly, Duncan is in favor of the crime audit.

A black market for golf gear in Towson?

Thank heaven for little girls, and that Schaefer's ogling was caught on tape! And you can stop the video on individual frames! You can her WillDon say "oh my... "! See the woman to Ehrlich's left bite her nails and look away quickly, and the woman in beige start laughing like, "There goes crazy grandpa again!" Coffeegirl, 24, has her hair down and has on this white sweater that's so tight her boobs are like a front fender, and she sticks her rack right in the old man's face. Ehrlich hugs himself and rocks like a mental patient. A stunning mediation on the frailty of the human connection and the ravages of age. Hello, Murrow.

Power Law.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15

Ink: "Only" two murders* last week, both on the west side of town. Lamont Smith was shot on West Lombard Street, and the body of Linwood Thomas, 48, was discovered in a house near Gwynns Falls Park.

How many books could a book cook cook if a book cook could cook books?

More turmoil in cop-land: the union board of directors ousted their elected leader, Lt. Frederick V. Roussey, and assigned him to the most disheartening job available, liason to the Juvenile Justice Center.

Reginald Williams pled not guilty at his arraignment this morning. A jury trial was scheduled for May 5 before Judge Watts.

Jemini Jones, Brian J. Shaffer and Steven P. Hatley pled not guilty at their arraignment this morning. A jury trial was scheduled for May 31, also before Judge Watts. (Why does Shirley have to do everything around there?)

Rouge SW flex officer Vicki L. Mengel was fined $150 for gambling.

William D. Schaefer, 84, caused a fracas when he ogled one of Ehrlich's office girls as she served him coffee during a Public Works meeting.

News from Far-Flung Regions:
A body believed to once have belonged to an AA County armed robbery suspect was found in the woods near College Park.

A man was shot in downtown Annapolis.

There was a second arrest in the case of the only shooting in Carroll County last year. Also out that way, Kristen Wright, 26-year-old teacher, was charged with heroin posession. (Unless that's a typo, she's one hard-driving junkie to get a Master's degree and start teaching high-school English by 21.)

Twenty-six-year-old Michael Ketterman was found guilty of inviting a 40-year-old neighbor to his house for a beer, then raping her.

*Sun murder reportage score: 1/2 = 50 percent, a solid F. Their quarterly averege so far is a D-minus, which eerily matches the Tribune Co.'s stock valuation. Other bad news for the Sun: the paper's lawsuit against the governor was rejected by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14

BAL: Police reported 269 homicides for 2005, but the medical examiner's office reported 275.

Baltimore's 35th homicide victim was a 29-year-old man shot in the 2500 block of W. Baltimore Street.

Abdul Karim Alvez-El, 20, was arrested for the murders of Ricky Medley, 19, and Martrell Brown, 16 (finally Martrell gets in the Sun). Also, Devon B. Harrod, 22, was arrested Friday and charged with attempted murder in the Feb. 4 shooting of 21-year-old Erica Harris.

Sierra Swann, now 19, pled guilty to the starvation deaths of her one-month-old twin daughters.

Valentines in the wrong box Dept: There's Glen-Burnie-area high school employee Henry Mouzon, 34, who got two months in jail for sex with a 16-year-old student. And James Mark Blankenship, accused of sexual contact with a 13-year-old student at Dundalk MIddle School.
Down Ellicott City way, a six-year-old boy claims he was fondled in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom by a blond man with a goatee who drove a yellow Hummer. And Happy V-Day to all the cheaters out there-- don't get busted!

Are there gangs in Harford County not founded by cows? Sheriffs say so...

The gaming trial of John Anthony Allen, Joshua Timothy Barley, Vicki Lynn Mengel, Michael James Stewart and James Bradley Lukens was scheduled to begin 1:30 this afternoon in courtroom one, North Avenue District Court.

Arraignment is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning for Baltimore police officers Jemini Jones, 28, Brian Shaffer, 31 and Steven Hatley, 27, before Judge Lynn K. Stewart, 215 Mitchell Courthouse. The BCGJ indicted Jones, Shaffer and Hatley January 6 following an independent Grand Jury investigation. It's alleged that on December 27, 2005 following some kind of an investigation by Officers Jones, Shaffer and Hatley involving two women, ages 22 and 18, the officers transported the women back to Southwestern Police District where one officer allegedly had sexual intercourse with the 22-year old female in an office of the District station and the two others did nothing to stop it.

Judge Stewart is also shceduled to preside over the arraignment for Reginald Martinez Williams, 35, also scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow. (Who is in charge of the docket, and why do they keep double-booking this woman?) The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Williams January 23 for first-degree rape, four counts of first-degree sex offense and three counts of second-degree assault. Court documents allege that between December 20-23, 2005 Williams raped and sexually assaulted three victims. Williams allegedly pulled a gun on police officers on December 23, 2005 while they were arresting him and the indictment charges him with three counts of second-degree assault in connection to that incident.

Duncan: Fauxnuts?

duncanThe Duncan ABC/Afro forum (right-- and the kid on his shoulder was a coincidence!) was sleepy and only had like 50 people including the cameraman, a homeless guy sleeping in the back row and about 12 Morgan students who were probably there for the extra credit.
Duncan was actually heart-tuggingly compelling when he said that he was one of 13 kids and had five of his own and his dad was a teacher and his mother believed that religious life was the highest calling and civil service the next-highest and that education was the key to most of the state's social ills. His delivery was extremely well-paced ("who's looking out for" ... two-beat-drop ... "the kids?"). But the only time he got any cadence up was in the intro when he was like, "more than 40 percent of kids in the city don't graduate from high school, and that's just. not. good. enough." Al Sharpton he is not. Then he took about 10 audience questions. The highlight was some 20-year-old wide boy from Silver Spring who rambled about an identity thief who stole his grandma's house which caused the family to become homeless and how he sent some letter to Duncan's office and never got a response.

Not much said about crime, I guess he'd already commented on it earlier in the day and his main platform points are in the Post.

The O'Malley ABC 'fro forum is March 14.

Monday, February 13, 2006

February 13

The man on death row accused of killing eight-year-old Marciana Ringo has just been granted a new sentencing hearing by the Maryland Court of Appeals.

In the blotter, a 27-year-old man was stabbed in the back North of Patterson Park, and a Hopkins student was robbed of a laptop by a man with a kitchen knife while walking less than a mile away in Butcher's Hill.

It's really touching, the sacrifices police officers make for the public good.

Dan Rodericks is all like, LaFawn, get off the reefer.

jayneburnsSkip the Simpsons and tent your own fingers at the Scary-Mommy show: Jayne Miller willl be grilling Hamm re. the crime numbers controversy on tonight's 6 p.m. WBAL newscast. Meanwhile, fecund fomenter Doug Duncan jumped on the city crime issue with both feet on the Eddie Norris show, and scored the endorsement of top prosecutor Mrs. J., though she did concede that she still finds the mayor "cute."

With support like that: "Supporters say Dixon's survived ethics questions before"

Did you know? Maryland's law defining marriage as only being valid between a man and a woman went undramatically into effect 33 years ago.

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10

Erik Barksdale, 25, was arrested and charged with the murder of 15-year-old Antania Mills.

Major Nicholas Palmeri, commander of the Southwestern, is being reassigned to a desk job.

What's up with this video? All we know is some group of guys in "Police" shirts beat the tar out of BGE employee De'Andre Jones.

Prosecutors have submitted new DNA evidence in the Canela/Espinoza case, which will delay the retrial.

Two fifty-something guys, Gregory Banks and Oliver Hudson, are headed to federal prison for selling hillbilly heroin. The half-brothers made national "news of the weird" for acting ... weird.

If you get shot and want the local news to care, it's better to be a dog than a dark-skinned teenager.

Baltimore County has a new Circuit Court judge, H. Patrick Stringer Jr. Stringer specializes in business torts and (yawn) insurance law.

Brian Lynn McCarty, 23, of Essex, Md, got seven years for stabbing Christopher Tipton, 22, in Ocean City.

Note to political speechwriters: when shopping for a metaphor, steer clear of the Holocaust.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

February 9

Two men were shot in the Southeastern. The man who died robbing the Radio Shack was ID'd as William C. Hooks, 28.

Yes, there it is, the accused murderer's Myspace profile (thanks, anon). Not only does he brag about being shaved from head to toe, but you can navigate there directly by going to http://www.myspace.com/bigthickdude. Ueeeuuuch.

A Baltimore City jury yesterday convicted Martin Michael Morgan, 18, of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The jury deliberated for approximately two days following three days of testimony. Judge Shirley Watts scheduled sentencing for March 29. On March 12, 2004 Morgan shot to death Wade Walker, 32, inside a carryout in the 3700 block of West Belvedere Avenue. A co-defendant in this case, James Murphy, pled guilty January 10, 2005 to second-degree murder and is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence. Morgan is also charged with the attempted first-degree murder of a 16-year old victim who was shot on March 6, 2004 in the 3700 block of Beehler Avenue. That trial is pending.

Charles Dennis, 21, Michael T. Parker, 23, and Donte Miller, 27, have been charged with first-degree murder following the death of Lamont Smith, 21.

Dr. Nelson Hendler of the Mensana clinic in Stevenson is accused of trading pain medication for sex.

Another stickup in Charles Village and plenty of stolen tools and cash in the Messenger crime log.

A new bill would allow testimony about other victims to be admitted in child sex-abuse cases.

dixonThe City Council is considering a bill that would allow people who are arrested but not charged with a crime to have the arrest expunged from their records. In other Council news, the Sun, like, totally busted Sheila Dixon (left, pants on fire not pictured).

Baltimore's new mentoring program called "Winning Teams" will be the subject of a reality show/ documentary filmed by Morgan State students and sponsored by 92Q. You just can't make that kind of thing up. The program will begin with a Talent Showcase at Harlem Park Middle School tonight at 5.

In Rockville/Landover, a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old were abducted and forced to rob banks.
(Post username: pokemon@pokemon.com, password: pokemon)

In Annapolis, the death of a newborn boy found in a trash can was ruled a homicide.

Crime-infested heck-holism in Howard County, and the Harton jury is deliberating.

The FBI arrested a member of the Hagerstown police department, Jeffrey Scott Shifler, for making crazed threats via phone and mail to various public officials.

Police are seeking a man who robbed a Provident bank branch inside an Abingdon Wal-Mart.

JZ loves it some police chase action.

How fucking depressing/disgraceful: the White House knew about the levee breaking in New Orleans almost as soon as it happened. (Login: 999999999 password: 999999999)

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

February 8

The defense rested in the Melissa Harton/Natasha Bacchus Magee case.

The name of the woman whose body was found in Catonsville was Josie P. Brown of Buena Vista Lane in Hampden. The main suspect in the case is Christopher Gaumer, 22, who reportedly met the victim on Myspace.com.

Robin Lee Welshons, 34, was shot to death at Ken's Motel in Aberdeen.

The first-degree murder trial of Kevin Johns Jr., accused of strangling inmate Philip Parker on a prison bus, will be held in Worcester County. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

Ink: There were four murders last week, bringing the city's total to 33. Ricky Medley, 19; Martrell Brown, 16; Kurt Bowie, 22; and Mitchell Briggs Jr., 33, all died of gunshot wounds. (The Sun reported three of the four, earning a solid "C.") Also, the death of Richard Lee Witherspoon, who died of injuries from a 1990 beating last November, was ruled a homicide, bringing 2005's murder total to 270.

Police in New Jersey are seeking Tyleek Baker, 25, for the murder of Francisco J. Olivares, 21. Baker has ties to Baltimore.

Nathaniel Bosley was arrested for the murder of Rashard Thomas. DNA helped solve a 15-year-old rape case. A man was shot in the hand in the Western. The Blotter ran that burning paper scrap item again.

In Cecil County, Justin Wright, 17, was convicted of stabbing Theodore Carter, 18, to death with a novelty Samurai sword.

Sixteen-year-old Christopher Watts, aka Hakim Veney, was arrested for an armed carjacking in Charles Village. Poor Keith Slaughter, who works for Catholic Charities, was forced into the trunk of his car but managed to escape.

Pikesville psychiatrist Roman Ostrovsky is accused of swindling Medicaid out of $300k.

Four thieves stole a security vehicle and an ATM machine from Annapolis Mall ... says this story ... that has a lot of ellipses ... for no apparent reason ...

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

February 7

WTF is wrong with Catonsville? Another body found off 95, this time a woman.

Forty-three-year-old Daniel Harp is accused of stabbing his 68-year-old mother, Nancy.

After pre-trial motions and just before jury selection was to begin, George Dobson, 42 (not to be confused with Fudgie), pled guilty to first-degree sex offense and first-degree assault. Dobson was sentenced to life in prison suspend all but 30 years, three years' probation, ordered him to have no contact with the victim, to undergo sex offender counseling and to register with the Maryland sex offense registry. On April 10, 2000 at approximately 2 a.m. Dobson attempted to rob the victim at 12 Mount Vernon Place, cut her throat and forcibly sodomized her. The victim was taken to Johns Hopkins hospital where a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) was performed. No suspects were identified at that time and the case was suspended. In October 2003 police received information from the Maryland State Police that Dobson's DNA matched the DNA collected in the SAFE exam.

Pedophile priest Jerome "Father Jeff" Toohey will serve 18 months in prison for sexually abusing a boy at Calvert Hall College in 1987. The victim, now a news anchor with CNN Headline News, was interviewed on JZ.

Dick Moore is one special pervert: the legislature changed the law just for him, making it illegal to travel across state lines to molest a make-believe minor. He pled guilty and will be sentenced May 12.

JZ's got video of Melissa Harton's confession.

Godfrey Bonsu, 44, and his wife, Victoria Boateng, 42 of Bowie were convicted of recruiting couriers from Ghana to bring heroin into the U.S. via their colons. Blech.

Dixon to Sun reporter: "Maybe sometime what you should do ... is to find out what the motives are from people who come to you."

A girl-on-girl knife attack in Woodlawn, an inmate kindling a fire in an air vent at Central Booking and plenty of armed and attempted robbery in the Blotter.

A suspect robbed the Reisterstown Road Radio Shack, crashed into a police car, got arrested, dropped dead.

Thirty-two-year-old Harold Greene could get life in prison from federal drug and gun charges.

An inmate was stabbed at Jessup. Meanwhile, correctional officers are planning to rally in Annapolis for security improvements following the death of Officer Jeffery A. Wroten.

The body found in Severn was identified as that of 25-year-old Johnathan Proctor.

Phillip Akbar Schabazz got a three-year prison term for stealing library books and selling them on the street.

Monday, February 6, 2006

February 6

The Court of Appeals has been asked to reinstate the death penalty for Lawrence Borchardt, accused of killing elderly couple Joseph and Bernice Ohler on Thanksgiving Day in 1998 for drug money.

The Court of Appeals has issued Vernon Evans a stay of execution. Meanwhile, more details about the murders.

Bad apples don't fall far from the tree Dept.: Rose Peterson, an officer at Central Booking, is charged with assault and witness intimidation for threatening a witness in the first-degree murder case against her son, Anthony Dickson. Dickson is accused of fatally shooting Ronny "Butch" Antoine Martin in the back seat of a Dodge parked in the Southern District on January 1. The witnesses' identities were withheld from the charging documents in an attempt to prevent tampering and intimidation, but that feeble effort was, apparently, no match for a mother's love. Dickson is scheduled to be arraigned February 23.

Oh, Sheila. Sounds like the City Council President violated a city ethics law when she used a council committee hearing to pressure a city contractor to award more work to the firm that employs her sister.

The BCGJ indicted Mathaddues Rozier, 25, for two counts of first-degree murder. Court documents allege that on December 27, 2005 Mathaddues Rozier shot and killed his father Alvester Rozier, 79, at their home on North Kenwood Avenue, and later that same day shot and killed Travis Harris, 15, in the 500 block of North Glover Street.

The trial of the Central Booking officers charged in the death of Raymond Smoot has been postponed until May 22.

A body was found on the lawn of a townhouse in Severn.

Baltimore's first dedicated domestic violence court opens today.

Here's the card trick and here's the story.

And here's more about the Harton/Magee case. Natasha started talking "gibberish," Harton opened the door and Natasha "just fell out." Yeah, like they say in Ape-town, whatever.

Internet hunting is really weird.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

February 5

One man was wounded and another shot to death on Potee Street in Brooklyn.

Thirty-three-year-old Mitchell Briggs Jr was shot to death while playing video poker in Yom's Food Market in Waverly.

Vernon Evans is scheduled to die tomorrow.

Great, wow, $52 million to hire 192 new cops! Oh wait, that's Harford County.

Horrible details of abuse in the Calvert County case of Graham Buckmaster, accused of murdering Lisa Moore on New Year's Eve.

Me fail English? That non-possible Dept.: Ehrlich bemoans "the dysfunctionality" of the city school system.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

February 4

There was a fatal shooting last night in Brooklyn near the extremely gay-sounding Club Mate & Lounge.

Guilford resident to Hamm: "You're just chasing Jell-O®."

Looks like the Natasha Bacchus Magee case is going to get the total White Girl Treatment. And though I'm offended in principle, it's tough to resist the siren song of alleged lesbianism, sluttiness and roadside straddling and the promise of videotape.

A gunman shot a man in the shoulder in the Belvedere area. Also, muggings in the Charles Village area.

The Court of Appeals has overturned the rioting conviction of John Ryan Schlamp.

No suspects in a series of 17 Pikesville-area window-smashings.

Kane: "That must have gone over like a swarm of Nazis crashing a stoned soul picnic."

Friday, February 3, 2006

February 3

Following two days of jury selection and just before opening statements were scheduled to begin, Tavon Wilson, 20, pled guilty to the second-degree murder of 13-month-old Dajah Mckoy, who died on February 24, 2004. Under terms of the plea agreement, announced in open court, Judge David Ross will sentence Wilson on April 14 to somewhere between 12 and 20 years.

A man was found dead of gunshot wounds in a wrecked car on Coldspring Lane.

royalharrisTwo members of the gang involved in the firebombing of Edna McAbier's house were sentenced by a federal judge. Nakie Harris, 30, got 84 years and five months, and Richard Royal, 21, left, got 60 years for conspiracy to commit witness tampering.

David A. Williamson, the Baltimore police officer whose wife tried to pawn stolen jewels he'd seized will face no criminal charges in exchange for testifying against the alleged jewel thieves.

Corey Grant of the North Avenue Boys was sentenced to 20 years on carjacking, drug trafficking and weapons charges.

The woman killed in a hostage standoff in Lutherville was ID'd as Theresa Reed Watson, 41.

There was an eight-hour standoff in Harford County, and father of three Michael Kelly was evenutally taken into custody. (a-m.?)

A city jury awarded 69-year-old grandfather Joseph Lyle $1 million for false arrest. The city has paid out $8.5 million in judgements and settlements against the BPD since 2004.

Burglary, arrests and a 16-year-old-boy hit in the head with a brick in the Blotter.

Animal cruelty, nine crack dealers facing federal drug charges and PG County's 11th homicide in the Post Crime & Justice pages.

Tion Jamaar Bell turned himself in to Howard County police.

The Catholics have appealed to Ehlich to grant clemency Vernon Evans.

The Senate is considering a bill to prevent private schools from hiring violent and/or pervy ex-cons. The impetus was the case of the Community Initiatives Acedemy, which knowingly hired convicted murderer Charles Carroll ("give this man a second chance," said the principal) who went on to grope two students and rape a 13-year-old.

A 17-year-old in Woodmont (wherever that is) may face charges after killing a mother bear whose cubs died of exposure.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

February 2

bacchusThe Post has more on the strange murder of Natasha Bacchus (left).

At a hearing today, Walter Robinson, Jr., 28, pled guilty to third-degree sex offense. Judge Sylvester Cox sentenced him to 10 years in prison suspending all but the time served, four years probation, ordered him to have no contact with the victim, have no unsupervised contact with children under 18, to undergo sex offender counseling and to register with the Maryland sex offense registry. Walter Robinson was a teacher's aide at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School where he sexually abused a 15-year-old student between August to October 2005 at the school.

Southeastern officers Mike Brassell and Jack Odem are accused of drunkenly assaulting a man in Federal Hill while they were off-duty.

The top investigator for the state prison system admitted chucking key evidence from the scene of the death of 51-year-old inmate Ifeanyi A. Iko, including a videotape.

Blotter: Narcotics, theft, burglary, assault, robbery, burglary, robbery...

A second man, Patrick Sisk, has been arrested in a construction-fraud scheme that soaked UMBC for $100k.

In Baltimore County, police found a woman's body inside a home in Lutherville.

BoCo police are seeking two guys who robbed the 7-11.

HoCo police opened fire on De Carlo Jonney Jacobs, 21, after he pulled a gun on them.

PG police are looking for a teenager who shot at a school bus.

Northern district theives just love license plates, video games and power tools.

Ristorante Italiano del Aldo della poca Italia dovrà pagare i $20,000 contro un operaio nero che ha protestato l'abuso razziale verbale.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

February 1

There were "only" three murders last week: Temitayo Olowolayemo (who identical twin brother was shot in the face and survived), Augustus Venable and James Wright. (The Sun reported two of the three, earning a reporting score of 66% -- a solid "D").

Four stabbings in the Blotter... a 35-year-old man was stabbed by two guys on bikes trying to rob him. A 20-year-old man stabbed his "girlfriend" in the stomach with a fork. A 20-year-old woman was stabbed in the leg and face with a fountain pen. And a guy named "Bo," still at large, stabbed a man in the back with a steak knife on Guilford Ave.

bellHoCo popos have a name and face for the shooter whose stray bullet struck a four-year-old. They're now ISO Tion Jamaar Bell, 18 (left).

Way to go, honor system: Maurice, the short, pudgy rapist turned himself in.

Police suspect that the murderers of Neil Rivers of Essex may be the same people who have been stealing scooters, bikes and ATVs recently.

Vernon Evans sent a DVD to the governor.

BC answers the question on everybody's lips: who would elect that Dwyer guy? Why, neo-Nazis, of course! Turns out Don Dwyer's District has more reported hate crimes than the whole state of Mississippi. The Klan in AAC is so active that six years ago they tried to adopt a stretch of highway (the county abolished the program rather than take the "Invincible Realm" to court), and last month a neo-Nazi group ran recruiting ads on local television and distributed recruiting packets to residents' driveways.

Van Smith digs the dirt on upheaval at the Liquor Board.

Watch out, cyber-hos... the Baltimore County police are wise to your euphemisms.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 31

A man who was being held on unrelated charges is now charged with the murder of Jerome Hooks, 26. And police are seeking a woman who rounded up a posse of four guys to shoot a man after a traffic accident.

A city judge denied Vernon Evans' appeal.

Thanks to support from Rod J. Rosenstein, we may get a new federal prison in Baltimore.

Are there going to be height markers on church doorways following a flagrant armed robbery during a service in HarfCo?

Who knew that making counterfeit bus passes was so lucrative?

"Hewwo, pwincipal.. we're gonna bwow up the thchool!"

Sounds like the gov. is a real ass of an employer.

Delegate Don Dwyer: if it's not in "concert with the laws of nature and of nature of God, and I would hold that, therefore, it is no law at all."
(Wonder what God said to Dwyer about the gay penguins and lesbian swans).

Monday, January 30, 2006

January 30

At a hearing today, John William Smith, 40, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Judge Wanda K. Heard sentenced Smith to eight years in prison. On June 18, 2005 Smith stabbed Rodney Dickerson, 42, once in the chest at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. Smith and Dickerson began arguing in the church's dining area while eating dinner.

A man was shot in the stomach during a robbery in the Western. Also, robbery at a White Marsh McDonald's and attempted robbery at the Little Tavern on Eastern Avenue.

In HoCo jury selection is underway in the first-degree murder trial of Melissa Harton, accused of strangling fellow grad student Natasha Bacchus.

An inmate hanged himself in a police holding cell in Annapolis.

A preliminary hearing for Michael Anthony Jolin, 28, is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. Court documents allege that the victim of Jolin's intimidation was also the victim of a robbery in December 2005. Since the date of the robbery incident, the witness reports that Jolin has continuously threatened to kill he, his family, his girlfriend and three children if the robbery was reported to the police.

Mayor: The violent crime rate is at its lowest point since the 60's.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

January 29

There may be new evidence that death row inmate Vernon Evans Jr. wasn't the man who pulled the trigger, killing Scott Pahowitz and Susan Kennedy at a motel in Pikesville in 1983. Meanwhile, lawyers also claim that Evans' veins are so damaged from injecting heroin that trying to execute him by lethal injection might be a big mess.

The Friday night triple shooting in the Southwest of two men and a boy was reportedly caught on camera.

Victim's mom: "Ronald Kinzer was shot at 3:30 in the afternoon in broad daylight in front of a bus full of school children and the killer never disguised himself, but there are still no witnesses... if this victim had been 'blond and blue-eyed' it would have brought the wrath of the media and community upon the streets and upon the Mayor!"

Hamm and Dixon addressed residents of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay yesterday to talk about how to reduce crime ("report criminal activity to the police." Gee, rilly?) City Council President Sheila Dixon said people shouldn't judge the Police Department based on "one bad apple," and neglected to specify how many apples citizens should endure before forming an opinion.

In Greenbelt, 21-year-old Tywon Renwick is accused of beating is girlfriend's 13-month-old daughter, Angela Coleman, to death,