Monday, January 23, 2006

January 23

The murder trial of Jerome McCardell, 33, of 5100 block of Frederick Avenue, is scheduled for 9 a.m. tomorrow before Judge John M. Glynn. The Baltimore City Grand jury indicted McCardell for first-degree murder February 7 for the December 9, 1991 shooting death of Thomas Robert Pratt, 26, in the 4700 block of Delaware Avenue. McCardell is currently being held on a no bail status.

The BC Grand Jury indicted Reginald Martinez Williams, 35, of the 600 block of North Carrollton Avenue, for first-degree rape, four counts of first-degree sex offense and three counts of second-degree assault. Court documents allege that between December 20-23, 2005 Williams raped and sexually assaulted three victims (news sources put the count at 9). Williams allegedly pulled a gun on police officers on December 23, 2005 while they were arresting him and the indictment charges him with three counts of second-degree assault in connection to that incident.

The BCGJ indicted Alvin Augustus Williams, 25, of the 6000 block of Marquette Road, Baltimore County, for first-degree murder and attempted robbery. Court documents allege that in the early morning hours of November 12, 2005 Williams shot and killed Brian Jones, 34, of Millersville, MD in the 1100 block of South Ellwood Street. Williams is currently held in the Baltimore City Detention Center without bail. An arraignment is scheduled for February 15, 2006 before Judge Martin P. Welch.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Get this:

The man who admitted to stealing $325,000 from a museum will not have to repay that money. Instead, he will go to prison for 18 months.

"In order to get restitution, there has to be suspended sentence and a period of probation. ... In Mr. Mercer's case, probation is a ridiculous waste of time and resources, and in fact, the museum has already been reimbursed by insurance," prosecutor Ritter said.

Ahem. Yeah, but now he's being paid over $4,500 per week, or some $113/hr. for his time. That's a hefty raise. Does that create a disincentive to theft?

Only Baltimore. And it's a city museum.

Anonymous said...

Crime does pay. And how.

Forget being a doctor. I want to work at that museum.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: double shooting on Winner Ave in NW.