Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26

In Glen Burnie, police are seeking the driver of a blue Honda that hit an 18-year-old and sped off.

In Hagerstown, a correctional officer was shot in the face by 20-year-old inmate Brandon Morris.

There's a plan: "Phase 1, get weapons. Phase 2, kill the hillbilly."

Lanora Lucas, the Thurmont mom who drove around with three children locked in the trunk of her Volvo, won't have to serve any time.

HarfCo police arrested an Edgewood man who may have robbed 11 convenience stores.

Homicides may have been down in the city in '04, but the county had the highest number of killings in 13 years... 40.

Keith Mills' charging documents reveal he may have been stealing from his neighbor for more than two years... but she didn't turn him in because she felt sorry for his family.


taotechuck said...

Did anyone attend Hamm's speech at the community meeting at College of Notre Dame on Thursday night? I learned about it too late, but I'd love to hear a summary if someone has one.

Anonymous said...

2mm houston 150m pt I
630m balto 50m pt I

An urban policing Best Practices observation:

Houston, pop. 2MM, has a crime rate of about 7,500 per 100,000.
Balto. City has a crime rate about 8,000 per 100,000.

Houston has recently experienced a doubling in the crime rate associated with New Orleans evacuees, some 10% of the population.. The response is to add 400 patrol cops to the existing 5300+ full-time sworn officers. That is, a 10% surge in incidents is met with a 7.5% increase in manpower, for a .75 elasticity. If metro areas have a part I crime rate of 4,200 per 100,000, then our 26% surplus crime would be curtailed by the addition of another 20% to our sworn, full-time police manpower. That would be about 600 officers for us, if you think Houston's on the right track. Instead, we are chronically SHORT about 150 cops, so we'd need about 750 new net hires to approach an average urban crime picture.

How about it, Commissioner?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall how many millions the city spent to have the traffic lights synchronized?
HA! Now that’s what I call a necessary expenditure!!!! What a joke when we need as Mr. Galt states, nearly 750 new net hires to the police force. Could someone please explain how something like that is decided upon, spending money on traffic lights instead of our police force. Help me here.