Monday, March 13, 2006

March 13

"I was told to make it a destruction of property... but it was obvious he was trying to break into the house." Love that Janye and her very credible report on the numbers game.

Motions hearings are scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow morning before Judge Paul E. Alpert (339 Courthouse East) in the case of Tyrone Beane. Beane is charged with killing Taharka McCoy, an East Baltimore man, on January 17, 2002. Defense counsel is scheduled to argue that the case be dismissed due to a defective indictment and ineffective previous counsel. Beane has been charged with 11 felonies, but the only charge that's stuck is the one he's in jail for-- 75 years in prison for an unrelated robbery and shooting.

Messenger Crime log: A man stabbed in the chest and arm on W. 40th by the Rotunda, a phone-mugging in Homeland, mugging in Waverly, burglary in Radnor, stolen cars.

Blotter: a 38-year-old man is at large after cutting his "girlfriend"'s throat . A man and a woman are being sought after shooting a 35-year-old woman during an attempted robbery on N. Carey Street. Two young men were arrested after they attempted to rob a man at knifepoint in view of an officer. And a man was robbed of $50 by a group of guys weilding sticks.

Why did Lt. Gov. Michael Steele get $250,000 from the Monumental Life Insurance Company?

Molto umiliando: Don Dwyer's attempt to "carry the ball to the end" by impeaching Judge Murdock has hit the international newswire.

In Owings Mills, martial arts instructor Jacob Davis has been arrested for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl.

A Towson University student, Anthony Taylor, was charged with assaulting his girlfriend and stealing her cell phone.

Indeed I do say, whatever did happen to the "Report on the Police Performance Enhancement Program and Recommendations to Improve the Process for Expungement of Arrest When No Charges Are Filed" that Jim Kraft was going to submit last September? Here's one reason charges might not have panned out: they were from the Southwest and illegal to begin with. But whatever-- it's all politics.

Speaking of, if you have any questions for the Mayor, don't forget tomorrow night: O'Malley at the ABC/Afro forum at 7 p.m. It's free, open to the public and the museum validates parking at the Staples lot across the street!

Web finds: a history of Jim Crow laws in Maryland.


Mr. Mephistopheles said...
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Maurice Bradbury said...

Mondy said:

"...Thanks for posting the link to Vinelink on 3/8. As a volunteer for the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association's Safety Committee, I was asked to follow up on a recent drug arrest in our neighborhood. I found out on Vinelink that the guy had an extensive arrest history (I think the suspect is a little too old to be doing or selling drugs (76), but then again old age hasn't stopped Marion Barry). As a result of my search, our State's Attorney has decided to refer this suspect's house to the Nuisance House Program."

You're welcome, but no names on the blog, please, were you not aware that the city is full of freaks?!

Mr. Mephistopheles said...


Mr. Mephistopheles said...

Here's another website you can use to track criminal cases in Maryland:

InsiderOut said...

as for the mayor appearing at the forum, we should use the last forum he appeared at to be prepared. The Mayor will likely fill the house with supporters early (and fill up the questioners lines) and try to quell dissent. He may even walk out while audience members are heckling him.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I would expect any reader of this blog to behave like a little lady and/or gentlemen! Heckling is for mokeys! But yes it probably would be a good idea to get there early as the venue is rather small.

Anonymous said...

Question to pose to the Mayor: Given that the 1000 patrol officers are about one half of what the Commissioner has recommended, why is a city which is having difficulty recruiting police offering a salary which is now like 11% less than that available in Balto. Co., which is a vastly more attractive job as it is not nearly so hazardous?

Isn't that a pretty easy way to guarantee that we continue to have the second-worst crime in the U.S. ?

And, WHEN are those 1000 officers going to be hired, by which I mean a deadline ?

Anonymous said...

Is the city broke? I honestly don't know enough and could use a history lesson. I understand the whole industry dying thing and the mass exodous which can't help the tax base, falling (though now somewhat rising?) property values, etc. It seems as though O'Malley probably wishes to God that crime would go away. Right?

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 in DC said:

O'Malley is furious, accusing Duncan and the governor of bashing Baltimore in stereo.

I disagree. Since when is calling for a better-served city a synonym for bashing? Is Mr. O'Malley taking umbrage on behalf of the many aggrieved citizens of Baltimore who suffer outrageous crime victimization, or on his own behalf, as usual. He is now so conflicted vis a vis his service obligations to the public that he really probably ought to step down until the election is finished.

Anonymous said...

The city of Baltimore is hardly broke. The Mayor has crowed about having a $60 million surplus to dole out among discretionary pet projects.

The surplus is there because... most of the basic service work is left undone. Most of the city is unsafe by middle-American standards, city trees haven't been pruned for four years, and broken water pipes in the street leak for months before receiving any attention.

Furthermore, the city will have to budget for salary increases next year if it intends to be wage-competitive with Balto. County. The County has raised the bar by 3% plus $2, or about 8% total. O'Malley's 'surplus' rests on not meeting that wage, which means you get one half of the police force vacant. That's fine if you like crime, but I'm having difficulty 'Believe'-ing.

This city has its priorities all backwards, spending five times on a white elephant hotel for tourists what it would cost to properly staff his police dept.

His strategy is to use the scarce police to herd our vast criminal population away from the tourists, off into our neighborhoods, where they can victimize us as they please. Just so you know whom he gives a damn about, and whom he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

What the Balto. City police have learned is that reducing crime statistics can be done the hard way, with patrols, or the easy way, with a bottle of White-Out.

InsiderOut said...

Jayne Miller has another report tonight on WBAL TV on the underreporting of crime. This time she interviews on camera a former Baltimore Police Officer.

My question is when will the Sun stop referring to her investigation as a collection of anecdotes (see this) and realize that it's a pervasive (albeit, perhaps, subtle) pattern inside the police department.

Anonymous said...

The saga continues:

Jayne Miller's investigation of Police nonreporting continues. Lenny Hamm insists it isn't happening. Worse, as more victims and even officers come forward on this, it becomes clear that not only are the stats off, but officers are clearly refusing to respond to the crimes they're ordered to not acknowledge.

This policy of the O'Malley administration is clearly pro-crime, in addition to being dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Didn't someone comment on this in the past few weeks? If I remember correctly, they hit the nail on the head saying there was an spoken/unspoken rule around the PD that you do not take reports, especially on crimes that cannot be solved.

What are we going to do, people? This city and it's leaders have become terrifying! The east and west sides are COMPLETELY out of control, guns and drugs abound. The city has been taken over by these sub-humans and drug addicts, and that's just within city hall.

I've begun planning to move out of the area entirely...something I never though I would feel the need to do.

Anonymous said...

Easy there, everyone. You guys need to listen a little LESS and just blindly BELIEVE a little MORE. OK?
Not only do I have everything under control, I've got it all figured out, too.
I invite you to visit me for another public forum, this time at the Downtown Athletic Club.
I will be there Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week posing and flexing for my gay on-lookers, I mean supporters...
Crime will go away, the police force will be taken care of and everyone can rest easy. Do you want the plan, OK here it is:
I become Gov. Martin O'Malley.
You, gentle people, B-E-L-I-E-V-E.
...and that's it!
It's a great tactic, I learned it from G.W.
Best part, only dissenters and ni**ers wind up dead.
Thanks for voting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, no one is more distressed at this ridiculous administration of the city police than I am, but it's kinda... dicy to pose as a political figure. If you're gonna do it, make it really obvious, like Marty O'Mayor or something.

I cannot believe I'm actually feeling sympathy for that putz.

Maurice Bradbury said...

which putz?

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to quit you, Marty!

InsiderOut said...

you can also call him Icarus O'Malley.

Anonymous said...

It seems a little ridiculous to post as O'Malley with comments like that on a blog which so far has seemed to generate mostly intelligent discussion about serious issues that are actually affecting everyone. I understand the point, its just that the delivery just sort of takes any seriousness out of it, making it irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Hizzoner the Putz, I meant.

Anonymous said...

This idiot must be a memeber of the DAC, because he is correct about Marty having a male fan club when he works out.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I must say I laughed out loud. (Though I do find the use of the n-word, even redacted, distasteful.)