Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 16

The I-Team interview of a former police officer about how the force handles carjackings has "Federal Civil Rights Case" written all over it:
"If somebody reported being carjacked, depending on who they were, they'd be taken back to the district and be questioned about the events leading up to the carjacking and be accused of either picking up a hack -- an unlicensed taxicab to drive around and pick people up who standing on the side of the road waving their hand -- or picking up a prostitute and being carjacked from that ... instead of taking that report, they'd basically be browbeat into not reporting it."

Amazing: officers King and Murray are on trial thanks to the tip of an 18-year-old informant who wanted to get out the game. He called the FBI and wore a wire in a sting involving macadamia nuts in a McDonald's bag.

The suspicious death of Ernest Miller, 58, is being investigated in the Southeastern. Also, two rapes, an assaulted 51-year-old woman, a loaf of raisin bread stuffed with hypodermic needles.

A 25-year-old felon, Wallace White, faces 10 federal years for firearm possession.

In Montgomery County, a wife told a judge that her husband was driven to disguise his face with duct tape and rape teenagers on account of her overbearing personality.

In PG county a teen broke out of juvie by crashing a van through a fence. And he's still on the run.

Christine Jones, an employee of Parkville High, was arrested for stealing equipment from the science department.

A Baltimore and an Allegheny County Sheriff learned about the joys of living in a police state on a visit to Israel. Another thing the Israelis do: make bizarro anti-violence ads.

Now a grand jury is involved in the Dixon ethics probe and handing out subpoenas.


Anonymous said...

I dare say, wtf happened in Montgomery Co.? Good god. I mean. . .

Anonymous said...

The 25-year old felon in the firearm possession case is not William Quarles but Wallace White. Quarles was the federal judge presiding.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks. Perils of being a speed-reading skimmer