Thursday, February 1, 2007

February 1

An unidentified couple from West Virginia was shot at Gwynns Falls Park while meeting "with a man about money." She [28] was shot repeatedly in the upper body and pronounced dead at Shock Trauma; he was shot in the hand and taken in for questioning.

The above link also provides the first mention of Vernon Dredden's [27] murder in East Baltimore on Saturday night. Dredden was walking on N. Chester St. when another man shot him repeatedly in the chest.

The feds are still looking for Jermarl/Jemarl/Jemaral Jones and they're offering a $5,000 reward. Jones is not currently a suspect in Sintia Mesa's murder.

Officer David Hare Jr. is in good condition after being shot by a fellow BPD officer yesterday.

There was a carjacking/shooting in the Northeast on Monday night, and a double shooting in East Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon.

Looks like a future serial killer is practicing on the Canada Geese at Fort Armistead Park.

The two Rachels are still missing from Montgomery County. Despite no suspicion of foul play, investigators are "concerned about the girls' emotional states."

Olinda Aparicio was sentenced for transporting women, mostly illegal immigrants, to DC for week-long prostitution sprees.

A substitute teacher and two counselors in Germantown are charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Kevin Clark is fighting to come back to Baltimore.

Is it okay to search for crack in the crack?

Gotta love those "grandiose statements about the meaning of life."


Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does Kevin Clark look kind of like Col. Barnfather from Homicide?

jaimetab said...

If through some unlikely combination of bad aim and incredibly skilled surgical dexterity at Shock Trauma, we wind up with 274 murders at the end of the year, the Dixon administration will throw a huge ticker tape parade celebrating their success in reducing the crime rate in the city.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of hoping that our murder rate shoots up this year. This isn't me being cold-hearted, but I think that the city is kind of like an alcoholic who has to hit rock-bottom before he changes his ways. If things get a lot worse really fast then maybe people will finally throw out bums like Sheila Dixon and Pat Jessamy. Right now Baltimore seems like a bad place, but not bad enough for there to be any real change.

John Galt said...

Speaking of 'grandiose statements', has anyone noticed how much O'Malley's Intro to the State of the State address sounded like his pre-election sermons on the 'Spirit and the Will'? The seminary's down the street, buddy. Just straighten out Corrections and Parole & Probation, please.

jaimetab said...

Kinda curious as to what the rap sheet looked like for the perp put out of our misery by BPD in that robbery today

burgersub said...

ft. armistead is in the city.

John Galt said...

Well, the deceased robber, Isaac Pitts, was apparently 18, so his records would be suppressed as juvie.

A significantly older Isaac Pitts, possibly the father, shows a long history of burglary, theft, assault, CDS w/ intent, and trespassing, as well as child abuse, which would support the ol' theory about not falling too far from the tree.

taotechuck said...

Thanks Burgersub, it's fixed. Nice stats. Well, actually, they're not nice at all. What I mean to say is, nicely compiled stats.