Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12

 John Henri Palmont Jr.Eeeee... there's a manhunt underway in PGC for skeevy-looking John Henri Palmont Jr., left, of the 5200 block of Marlboro Pike, who forced himself upon his 9-year-old neighbor after asking to use the phone.

Clueless police are asking the public's help to find the killer of Dwight Evans, shot multiple times behind Evans Temple Church in the Madison East section of Baltimore, six months and 170 murders ago.

It's the feel-good story of the week... a city jury convicted Kenneth Mahai Friday of first-degree murder, in spite of his threats to witnesses.

Ya think?! Experts opine that HarfCo suspected serial killer Charles E. Burns is "a sociopath."

Samuel David Horne, 25, was shot to death in Edgewood yesterday, in front of a row of townhouses in the 1800 block of Brookside Drive.

The state crackers got Quinton J. Thomas convicted of first-degree murder in MoCo for killing Stephen W. Kelley, 20, of Gaithersburg, after Thomas sent some colorful letters to the wrong address.

Andrew H. Williams' last business venture was shut down for being too much like a Ponzi scheme, and his new one, "Metro Dream Homes," sounds no more respectable.

Blogger Jeff Q. is furious that The Deuce's Linda So lifted his story about Stop Fucking Snitching being a part of the UMBC library holdings, without giving him credit.

Politics: Dixon called Jill Carter "a little girl."

Which would you rather ...

... wake up tomorrow as?

a little girl
a withered hag
Frank Conaway Sr.

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Hoodlum said...
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Unknown said...

Hoodlum, I know. I wasn’t aware that it was an academic library’s responsibility to hide or ban controversial or offensive material. Apparently, it is the alarmist populist rabble’s responsibility to decide what is and what is not okay for academia to teach. The dialogue of the source complaint seemed to be that “Stop Snitchin” should have hidden. Hmmmm. I like the idea of a naughty back room to the UMBC library with all the evil material.

Petty Page... Stop Snitchin... Burroughs... Darwin...

Oooooo. I’m getting titillated.

Maurice Bradbury said...

That and 'Hairspray' are Baltimore's best-known cultural contributions in the world, after all...
I wonder if their copy has subtitles and the media letter!

Gor said...


Also, why wasn't Quinton Thomas charged with a hate crime?

John Galt said...

#201 Davon McCargo

John Galt said...

Byron Dickey was shot today on the 2100 block, Barclay Street and remains in critical condition.

Dopple said...

I'm guessing Al Sharpton won't be in town to discuss Quinton Thomas' obviously racist comments.