Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Buy Cares Indeed!

So I had a washing machine delivered this morning from the Timonium Best Buy, and on the way out the delivery guy have me this card requesting that I "please take a few minutes to answer some questions" regarding my "delivery experience" ... and he told me that if he didn't get at least two customers to go online every day to delivery.bestbuycares.com and fill out the survey then Best Buy would dock his paycheck!!

That can't be legal, can it?


Cham said...

Maybe the delivery man gets a bonus if he gets 2 satisfactory reviews. He's gotten enough satisfactory reviews to consider the bonus part of his pay, hence the lack of a review would be a lack of payment to him.

Maurice Bradbury said...

No, he was pretty clear about what he meant. I said, "Is that legal?" and he said "no, it's not, but no one wants to complain and lose their job."