Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ding Dong!

"Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld rung in the new year by personally arresting two people and seizing two sawed-off shotguns"

.. murder #1 happened at 12:50 near Patterson Park.


Unknown said...

700 North Luzerne is near Patterson Park? That is seven blocks north of the Park. If you use the corner of Eastern and Linwood as an example, that means the Firehouse Grind in Canton Square is near to Patterson Park. Not so close really.

Cham said...

7 blocks away from Patterson Park is near Patterson Park to me.

Unknown said...


I understand but I tend to take issue with the media's placement of things. If the same crime occurred on Old York Road near 36th Street, no one would say it happened near Guilford. They would say it happened in Waverly. If the same crime happened in O'Donnell Heights on Broening Highway no one would say it happened in East Canton.

Patterson Park gets a bad rep due to the Monument Street/
McElderry-Decker area which, for lifelong residents of Highlandtown like me, might as well have been a world away.

The area around the park from Fairmount Avenue south is a vital and, for Baltimore, mostly safe area.

Aaron said...

Those are seven long blocks. Bocek Field is equidistant, and the Hopkins Bio-Fest may even be closer. Having lived there, I think it's unfair to call anything north of Orleans (or even Fayette) or south of Foster "Patterson Park".

On that, I know I'm not the only one peeved to see the Sun regularly misidentify locations, am I? I haven't lived here long, and I feel like if I can catch their mistakes, they must be bad.