Sunday, September 23, 2012

Anthony Batts' Black-Eyed Past

Goodness. According to the Long Beach Beachcomber, our soon-to-be police chief Anthony Batts was been the subject of five domestic violence complaints in three different CA cities from different women, including two from his then-wife. He was also accused of covering up these complaints by altering police documents, going soft on Long Beach port security officers engaging in illegal lobster diving in order to keep the reports secret, then committing perjury while testifying about "Lobstergate" in court for the same reason. Retired LBPD Lieutenant Joe Rabe wrote to the paper, "“We all knew of his domestic violence issues, but Tony was Teflon coated; the rules didn’t apply to him, both in his mind and unfortunately in the minds of his superiors.” 

And wait, there's more-- when Batts left the Oakland PD, it was on the verge of being put into federal receivership due to noncompliance of a 2003 consent decree.  (Thanks for the links, Cham & disgruntled Patch commentor)

Fenton says he didn't mention the domestic violence/blackmail accusations in his story Sunday* because they couldn't be corroborated. But I do so hope someone will ask Batts about them during his confirmation hearing.


Cham said...

I smell an incoming disaster. Both Norris and Frazier were from outside, they both thought when they got here they were teflon-coated only to find they weren't. The story is about to repeat itself.

Same shit different year.

Maurice Bradbury said...

It's gotta be bad for morale to have someone with such a checkered past brought in over the heads of Barksdale & Skinner.

Cham said...

I've been thinking about Barksdale. He's probably jumping for joy. All he has to do is wait a few short months and the city council will be begging him to take the job. He'll be able to name his price(and golden parachute number).

Anonymous said...

I was in IA in Oakland when Batts was appointed. I don't know what they mean when they say the domestic violence can't be corroborated - news stories and police photos have already been circulated.

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