Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23

An unidentified man was shot to death at 8 last night on Brighton St. in West Baltimore's Rosemont neighborhood. The 21st murder of the year wasn't reported by WJZ, WBAL radio, WBAL TV, WMAR, or the Examiner.

The grandmother of Bonita Madden, the woman killed in the murder/suicide in West Baltimore last week, is being evicted from a senior living facility for taking in her granddaughter's newly orphaned kids.

Duane Latoye Geiger eluded police for nearly two years, but was finally arrested for the murder of White Marsh resident Ralph Amadi.

"Eggy's become a great man now."

Former Q.A. teacher Chris Tribbitt got 18 months, which is about six months shorter than his "relationship" with a teenage girl.

We steal from the churches, we steal from the outreach centers, we steal from the BK, and we steal from each other.

Funeral home owner Paul Stella is being investigated by the feds for stealing from pre-paid funeral accounts.

The Yorkway complex in Dundalk -- source of 3,800 calls to police in 2005 -- has started to come down.

Two 16-year-old girls are missing in Montgomery County, but foul play is not suspected.

Shut up and drive!


John Galt said...

'The police' say that murderer-suicide Sampson should have been in jail. (was that Sting or Stewart Copeland?)

Ok, so exactly how was the State's Attorney negligent? I'm seeing a bunch of plea-bargained CDS w/ intent. I understand that the police might choose to do it differently, but it only becomes positive when either a) an unambiguous error is found or b) a formal description of needed limits to charging/sentencing discretion is offered.

The question is: how should we codify recommended restrictions on trial to ensure this doesn't happen again?

First, everyone get on the same page about whether drugs are unlawful (100%) or not (0%). Then establish a formula for minimum jail sentence, so discretion is limited. That minimum should probably be increasing in recidivist history or prior time suspended.

Anonymous said...

21... and it's January, this is ridiculous. I dont know if it's a city-wide walk the streets, every street, etc for one night, but something needs to be done. We can't live accepting that every day you have a 1 out of 500,000 chance of dying if you live in the city. That's insane. Throughout an entire year a 365 out 500,000 chance...and over the last 10 years a 5,000 out of 500,0000 chance...that's insane.

John Galt said...

Actually, when you start looking at particular neighborhoods and particular time blocks (that is, excluding the safe places and timeframes), the cumulative probability of being offed over time becomes quite high.

burgersub said...

a person living in a high rise condominium in inner harbor east doesn't have the same chance of being murdered as a corner boy in cherry hill. your logic is flawed. if they did have the same chance, you can bet there would be a lot more clamor for something to be done.

John Galt said...

That's why I've been asking for prevalence-based deployment.

When upper-middle class whites start seeing the bodies in their neighborhood, then they'll demand more cops.

Since so many in black neighborhoods are on the wrong side of the law, there's not much call for cops. At least, not with uniform service provision. You do sometimes get calls to arrest "the other dealers, but not MY boy."

John Galt said...

One more cop held at gunpoint. But don't worry, Lenny Hamm says Baltimore is safe for anyone not in the drug biz. Like police officers ???

HoCoJoe said...

After reading the comments from yesterday, and the postings, I'm struck by the question. Whom am I more afraid of; the BCPD or, the criminals in Baltimore. perhaps that could be a poll.

burgersub said...

oh good, jemini jones has been acquitted!

HoCoJoe said...


I just read the officer hold up story... She was in Uniform and was still held up?!?!?!?!?

I'm sorry for everyone still left in the city.

John Galt said...

And next Lenny Hamm will be telling you 'See, I have no bad cops!"

ppatin said...

I'm surprised that a Baltimore jury wasn't willing to convict a cop accused of rape. Was the prosecution's case that weak, or was Jones really lucky?

Anonymous said...

I won't leave the city.
I grew up in HoCo and find that place to be worse then the city when it comes to the close minded mentality of the people. And HoCo isn't the best place on the planet, either.
Yes, Crime is a huge problem in Baltimore for a number of reasons. If we can eliminate the causes we can curb the problem.
But...what are the causes?

John Galt said...

People who have no regard for the rights, or lives, of others.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Between Eggy and his daughter, Hamm certainly has a "crack" team of advisors...

Anonymous said...

Ok .....its 2:30 in the afternoon
on the 2700 block of Jefferson and Kenwood...one the worst crime riddled sections of the city.. people (City Hall ,BPD,Paula Branch etc.) dont talk about ...just look at the crime maps posted here!!...... anyway just witnessed a CARJACKING while the person (a female) was selling sneakers out of the TRUNK(dumb-ass) ..... showing them to two young teens who should be enrolled in some public school ........just set her(dumb-ass)up!!!

The woman was dragged about 30 feet
screaming help help!!! which iam pretty used to hearing around here until i heard the sound of the woman hitting the ground really HARD!!!

I always take a look out of my many windows on my days off..... and only viewed her talking to the two youths who i've noticed plenty times before ... just by observing things
around this ghetto.

About an half/hour later Baltimore's
slowest shows up.. (EasternDistrict)
They started talking with the woman in the front of my house which is (Jefferson St.)About 10 min later my telephone rings so i go towards my back door.....just looking down Kenwood(out of my window) towards McElderry and see two neighborhood dealers jump in the very car that was taken from the woman!!! GREAT POLICE WORK!!!

The patrols around here work in this fashion.. example:just stop a few citizens ( drug dependent ones) in vehicles only... mainly (white) waste like an hour or more running
(registration ,tags etc..) never
coming away with anything but nothing!!.... while the corner dudes
(dressed in RED!! )continue on selling drugs with no intentions of stopping!!! This is our Police force???this is what they took an oath for!Not only is it a job with pretty good benefits and ok pay...but most importantly you dont have to DO SH*T!! I truly think they are not held accountable...... especially at the levels of patrol officers!!!!! DTs all the way up to the Commish are just horrible....

Anonymous said...

They need car stops or they'll get in trouble.

HoCoJoe said...


I have never claimed the HoCo is an all wonderfull place. I have even at sung the praises for the Baltimore that I know is hidden there, but the current state of the city basically raises the risk level to high for me to find and enjoy the treasures found within.

So I sit in suburbia. Drive (not walk) to everything. I have good Indian and Korean resturants, but not a single great sub shop, let alone great Persian, Greek, Etheopian, (insert any culture here) resturants. All of the shopping is done online or at the mall and we then all look alike.

But I can raise my kids in an atmosphere where they can go play out front in saftey. My car is not broken into every so often. I do not fear getting mugged/assaulted/killed going to the grocery store. For that I am willing to live in suburbia.