Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24 Nite

The Ink catalouges 2007's murders 16-20.


Anonymous said...

Had to re-post this!!!!

Its a code that "JAKES" follow in this city ....or better yet simple rules for survival at the BPD!! just
a few.........

#1. Dont try to be a hero.....this is HARM(BALTIMORE)CITY!!!
#2.Stay in your patrol car at all times."Its cold(hot)out there!"
#3."Since(we)are driving most of the time,let's pull that person over for
a broken headlight,expired tags etc"
#4.Take as much time as needed to fill out simple paperwork "no need to rush, we've got 8hrs..."
#5.Be sure to be present at all court hearings, even though you are not prepared!!"It's OVERTIME!!!"
#6.Harass and arrest (honest working class citizens) for standing at a bus stop or in front of a public place.. and walking in public....
#7.Leave the tougher jobs for the
FLEX SQUADS(who are crooked as HELL),even though you spotted the criminal activity months ago!!!
#8.Be sure to get your arrest qouta
before the end of every month...
"lets add to the over-crowded jails,
and jam up the court system with bogus arrests by throwing this young kid from TOWSON in jail for buying WEED!!".
#9.Pretend that you are smarter than
the average "JOE" from BALTIMORE by
when citizens call us for HELP!!!
#10.Let your SICK TIME build-up so you can use it during the summer...
when CRIME is at its peak!!
#11.Be sure to call for backup when
a 12 year old boy(with no criminal record)is threatening you with a pocket-knife."or,just shoot the kid in the chest and say that he had a GUN".. you'll later find out the kid had mental disabilities and didnt take his medicine or couldnt afford
to seek help!!!!"Dont worry though,
the HIGHER-UPS(City Hall won't question you at all"
STICK TOGETHER!!! GOOD(raises,promotions,overtime etc.) OR BAD(fatal shootings by us,
corruption i.e robbing, extortion)

Unknown said...

Anonymous, this should be like Notorious B.I.G's "10 crack commandments"

You should call it "The Cop commandments"

Maurice Bradbury said...

What's a JAKE?