Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26

Mrs. Patricia C. Jessamy announced today that her office has dismissed first degree rape and misconduct charges against Steven Hatley, 27, and Brian Shaffer, 31, in connection with the alleged rape of a city woman December 27, 2005. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Shaffer and Hatley January 6, 2006 following an independent Grand Jury investigation. Jurors heard evidence and witness testimony during secret proceedings under Maryland law before returning indictments. Prosecutors from the SA's Sex Offense Division conducted a review and evaluation of the evidence in this case following the recent not guilty verdict in the Maryland vs. Jemini Jones.

Brian Witte: Md. lawmakers seek to repeal death penalty.

A 16-year-old was shot in the leg in the Eastern.
And three guys went to a whole lot of trouble to steal a moped.

Terrance Washington appears to have left the state.

Parkville pedestrians are being mugged by four unarmed men.

A jury found Enoch Hill, the former associate pastor of the House of God church, guilty of repeatedly molesting a 12-year-old boy.

Five people were arrested for selling pot.

A PGC cop shot two men in his home under murky circumstances.

HoCo: No wonder Mr. Hartlove was such a peppy teacher.

Wow... I was excited by the picture for a second. It looked like Baltimore had thrown Sheila out with the trash.


John Galt said...

Congratulations, Baltimore.

And you're only just starting to admit it.

HoCoJoe said...

The new Mayor has started talking about her priorities. Trash...

I don't know what to say to that, except; I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the trash problem is a good one to start with. Less trash = more neighbors outside walking around. When that happens, sketchy kids eating ice cream cups at 10pm in January won't be walking on my street.

We clean our front almost every night and a really nice group of guys from a half-way house (pc?) come by early in the morning and do the street. BUT, it's always gross by the time we come home after work.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Fun times in the evidence room tonight!
You'd think they'd be happy the crackheads are mellowing out, man!

Wonder what happens to all of those drugs? Do they have a big incinerator somewhere? Do they sit in the evidence room and then get trotted out as exhibits at trial?

Maurice Bradbury said...

I really miss those "it's yer Baltimore don't trrrrash it" ads!

If Sheila can stop people from thowing their damn chicken bones on the street I'll be her biggest fan!

jaimetab said...

Did you see Warren Brown's letter to black officials of Baltimore about doing anything to avoid having a white mayor? The KKK would be proud of Brown's spirit if the races were reversed.

jaimetab said...

According to Brown's logic, only a black mayor can be an advocate for black people, and he has the audacity to say that there are those in the so-called white establishment that only want to see a white mayor in Baltimore(of course without citing any quotes to corroborate this). So far, he's the only one on record with such a despicable statement, and then Jill Carter basically agrees with him! Besides the disgusting racism, what about just electing a COMPETENT Mayor regardless of race that will make the city better for EVERYONE??

Emptyman said...

The city needs more public trashcans. In my neighborhood there are virtually none once you get away from the commercial districts.

The state needs to abolish the death penalty. It's a giant waste of time and money.

And the cold snap will keep the killers indoors for a few days.

All in all, a good news day.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I know, Jaime!

Warren Brown should invite all the candidates for a showdown to prove who's blackest!

And wait a minute... are any melanin-challenged people even running? (I thought Mitchell was "white" until I read that article!)

ppatin said...

Warren Brown makes his living helping criminals escape the consequences of their actions. The fact that he's also a racist does not surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

I hope this isnt what she's running on!!!!!!! ...... TRASH!!!!!!
Keep the DRUG DEALERS/CRIMINALS/JUNKIES/KIDS who should be in SCHOOL off the streets... who buy JUNK from the CARRY-OUT LIQUOR STORE'S all day long especially during the summer months who are responsible for HALF of the TRASH that we see in the HOOD!!!! But it isnt her fault...
the citizens of BALTIMORE fall for
and BELIEVE anything.... allowing our MAYOR to brag about getting something done.....when we average a MURDER a day???????

Anonymous said...

Warren Brown makes his living helping criminals escape the consequences of their actions.
very true....

Anonymous said...

"Actually, I think the trash problem is a good one to start with. Less trash = more neighbors outside walking around."
I dont know about that one!!!!!! where to???? the corner store??? bus stop???? Baltimore A and the city on a WHOLE is a pseudo METROPOLITAN.. BALTIMORE B and our neighbors from the burbs catch the BUS,LIGHT-RAIL to work etc.... After that, i'll drive to the market,library, and I HAVE A JOB!!....and you wont find me
outside, only to get in my CAR.Also, the dudes who are probably real close to being RELEASED from JAIL clean the streets over here in BALTIMORE B every MONDAY and TUESDAY,
Who wants to be outside with a bunch
a CRIMINALS?? and did i mention the
trucks on the same days..... and you will get a ticket if you're not parked on the opposite side on the street on those designated days!!!
Just another issue that gets me heated!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Someone please send me an email or post the link to that Warren Brown letter...asap...PLEASE!

he is defending the man who killed my brother, and I can confirm first hand he is a Class A asshole.

Alos, that Dixon picture... who the hell wears a leather jacket to pick up trash? It's a stupid point but she is showing that I/we shouldn't think much more of her.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Liz, haven't seen the actual letter, but here's a story about it.

Mitchell was interviewed about Brown's sentiments on Fox, and he was like, "Warren Brown is entitled to his opinion."

What a wuss-out!

John Galt said...

Cybes, perhaps you could walk Stinky to W. Brown's office after feeding him large, large quantities of dairy products.

Unknown said...

“I understand Mr. Brown’s sentiment,” “I know he cares about the African-American community, but I can’t let it distract me from what I’m doing.” - Andre Bundley, regarding Warren Brown's letter? He cares huh... that's why he represents scum {but someone has to} takes all their money and leaves them high and dry.

Del. Jill Carter, another candidate, said she agreed that electing a black mayor is a priority, but that she did not think it was necessary to limit the number of candidates.

“I say bring them on,” “If the campaign is about issues, it won’t matter who is running; I’ll win,” - Jill carter... WTF? Are you sure because I'm not voting for you AND I'M BLACK!

We need divine intervention in this city... or maybe they should set off a nuke here like on 24.. but you know what? Dixon, Carter and Warren Brown would be the only living things to survive nuclear war besides cockroaches, and the future of Baltimore would still be up shit's creek.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Warren Brown will be Warren Brown, no lack of people in the city with stupid shit to say, but what really disaapoints me is how all of the candidates, except Conaway Senior (and Dixon, who wisely ignored it), utterly boned the response. Here was an opportunity to show off unifying leadership, presented on a gold platter ... Mitchell goes limp, Bundley says he "understand[s] the sentiment," Jill tries to be assertive (and it probably sounded better 'live') but comes off as just pompous.

Get it together, people!

Maurice Bradbury said...

ps. Stinky's actually a bitch... just like her mom!

jaimetab said...

Hey cybrarian,

couldn't agree with you more. RFK and MLK jr are rolling in their graves

jaimetab said...

Oh, well, everyone should have shrugged their shoulders back in the day. I guess Mitchell feels that Bull Connor, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, et. al. were entitled to their opinions.

jaimetab said...

I first thought that maybe when Dixon is out and Hamm goes, maybe there is some hope for Baltimore, but with this field of brain dead weasels, Baltimore will be truly SCREWED for the next five years at least. Let's just pray that the state will finally step in and take the keys away from these drunks.