Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31

An unidentified man was shot in the head in the 2400 block of Brentwood Ave. in the Barclay neighborhood.

Alexander Robertson-El, 24, was shot to death last night in the 700 block of Bartlett Ave. in the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello ("CHUM") East Baltimore Midway neighborhood* (thanks Burger).

One or perhaps two police officers working undercover were run over during an attempt to arrest a drug suspect in the 900 block of East 33rd Street this afternoon near the YMCA, the driver is still at large.
gold infinityReported JZ, "A gold Infinite matching the description of the getaway vehicle plowed into some parked cars ... [police are] in the process of getting a search warrant to see if anything was inside the Infinite that crashed."
Everything's inside the infinite, man!
UPDATE: A suspect has been arrested, and JZ edited their charming typos out of the story. What a shame!

The Ink identifies victim Christopher Burden and has updates on other cases.

Only in Baltimore would a 16-year-old getting shot be relegated to a three-sentence blotter item. Also not worthy of a whole story: a Molotov cocktail in the Southern (my, those are popular!), a man shot in the foot in the SE.

Details of yesterday's shooting in Loch Raven; the body found in the minivan a few days ago has been ruled a homicide.

That's a good question: "How does a 15-year-old find himself in possession of a .44 Magnum?"

Jim Kraft wants the City Council to have the power to pass new gun laws.
You're not getting any new gun laws until you use the ones you have, young man!

Albert Snyder won $10.9 million from the Westboro Baptist Church.

*Neighborhood maps have moved here, in the form of massive PDF files


John Galt said...

City Councilman Kraft says the murder problem here is because... the City government needs more powers ??

I don't think so, Jim. You people have plenty of laws; you just don't enforce any of them.

Start by hiring enough cops... we've only been waiting years for them.
You need less power. Until you start using it to get the job done.

Sean said...

Man shot in head in Barclay this afternoon.

burgersub said...

bartlett ave is in midway, not chum. the border between them is 25th street.

also, wjz referred to the 2400 block of brentwood as "west baltimore." sigh.

ppatin said...

More gun laws? The hoodlums who are killing people are almost certainly already not allowed to own guns! I do like the property forfeiture idea though, people who are owning/carrying weapons illegally should be punished.

ppatin said...

We need more prosecutors and prison cells, not more gun laws. The law already says a felon with a gun should get five years without parole. Most criminals who're busted with guns don't get anything like that. The problem isn't the lack of laws, it's the lack of resources to prosecute those who break the law.

John Galt said...

While I'm all for optimal deployment of police manpower, what's this crap about provided it not cost the city a dime ??

This is the most dangerous (large) city in the U.S. Restoring safety will cost money. It is the first priority of any decent government. Any other expenditures are strictly discretionary. Deal with it.

John Galt said...

Flash: Two officers down in Waverly from a hit and run.

ppatin said...

The Sun's article about the cops who were hit by a car says the incident happened in Northeast Baltimore. Is the 33rd St. YMCA really considered Northeast? I know that if you go a few blocks west you're certainly in the Northern District.

ppatin said...

The Baltimore PD is going around to the homes of registered sex offenders to make sure they don't hand out candy on Halloween. Now I'm all for keeping tabs on perverts, however I can't help but wonder how many man-hours are being used when

"There has not been a single case of any child being molested by a convicted sex offender while trick-or-treating," writes columnist Benjamin Radford on

Got that quote from this article.

John Galt said...

The YMCA sits on East 33rd between Ellerslie and Ednor. Ellerslie is the boundary between Northern and Northeastern. I believe the two officers looking for the drug-dealer in the car were from Northeastern.

BTW, the fleeing @sshole slammed into a bunch of parked cars on the 600 block, Montpelier, which is a one way street!

John Galt said...

FYI, the BCPD has resumed publishing its annual report, starting with 2005.

John Galt said...

FYI, this is the same location where (suspended officer) Jemini Jones was apprehended with an unlawful handgun in his car. He was convicted in May. It's on appeal.

Also where a car chase resulted in a perp pulling a shotgun on pursuing officers when he, too, crashed on 600 block, Montpelier.

Anonymous said...

Either everyone should be allowed to own and carry (and use if necessary) a gun or NO ONE should be. and if you get caught with one, you should go away for a long time!

John Galt said...

Baltimore is a national leader in Differential Enforcement, but the criteria themselves are arbitrary here.

This city should determine how much total (even-handed) enforcement it is willing to supply and then pass laws which will require about that much effort. It should not pass additional laws without providing corresponding manpower.

And having different regimes for diferent people or neighborhoods is just crap. Any neighborhood where you cannot provide the same safety as in Guilford, Canton, etc., you need to recognize your incapacity and withdraw jurisdiction, thereby ceding it to the State. Applying law differentially based upon demographic politics is just bullsh!t. Law is law.