Friday, November 2, 2007

November 2

Ten years for a crack-dealing couple; 10 for a gang member's illegal firearm; a guilty plea for cocaine base (is that different from crack?) down at the federal courthouse today.

Francis S. Lee, the alleged drug dealer who allegedly ran over two detectives on 33rd Street October 31 was ordered held without bail this morning.

Julian Collins, who berated judge Handy, got 50 years for a 2000 killing.

Two teenagers, 17 and 13, were shot in the right shoulder at around 9 p.m. last night in the 4000 block of Barrington Road in Gwynn Oak.

QTD= Westboro Baptist organizer Johnathan Phelps on the group's media strategy: "Let me put it to you this way: How much money (do) you think it takes to pay for an ad that says 'God hates fags' in The Baltimore Sun? I've never bought any advertising, but it takes big bucks from what I've heard."
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Real Estate:
Did Colliers Pinkard breach their listing agreement when they brokered the sale of the office building at 300 E. Pratt Street?

Should ground rent holders be compensated for changes to the law?

I'll be away this weekend. Please don't burgle my house. Thanks.


ppatin said...

Grount rent holders can all burn in hell. I'm ashamed to admit that I once briefly worked for one of the leading slimeballs in that industry, and the way they screw people is incredible. Fuck them, I hope that the courts nail their asses.

ppatin said...

Did anyone see the asinine comment by "Briana" on the murder poll about the 15-year old who got himself killed because he pulled a gun on a cop? It's hard to fathom that people think that way. Here are some of the highlights.

"So i think that the police is lying."

It thinks that you does need to learn to speak English properly.

"The police wanted to kill Redz...the police could have shot him in the would not have killed him. I bet you the officer was white."

Ooh, a double dose of ignorance and racism. Anyone who knows anything about handguns knows that you don't go trying to shoot people in the legs. You aim for the center of mass. And what does the fact that the officer was white have to do with anything? Look at the city's murder statistics. The overwhelming majority of blacks who are being killed aren't being gunned down by white criminals.

"But..the police should not be able to go back to his job. He shot a 15 year old boy...a 15 year old boy. Comeon now. Thats not even cool. "

Pulling a gun on a cop is not cool regardless of your age.

John Galt said...

The Baltimore City Police characterize the guy who ran over two cops two blocks from his home in Better Waverly (a block East of the Giant) as a top dealer in Baltimore City.

"I'm not talking about a dime-level dealer. This is the upper echelon of drug dealer in Baltimore City that we're subtracting out of the crime equation," said Deputy Commissioner Anthony Barsdale.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Wow, that's something else ("Briana")... I thought it was a joke at first!

Even freakier there's probably entire high schools full of kids out there who think the exact same way-- walk around with a hand cannon, pull it on an officer, and it's the officer's fault for defending himself... wait no, it's the fault of all police officers everywhere. He should have let sweet innocent Ralph blow his head off.

What a rough job those guys have!
Police officers, that is.

John Galt said...

That's why the department still waaaaaaaaaayyyy understaffed. And why we're the most dangerous (large) city in the United States.

Anonymous said...

From personal experience, I can tell you that Briana's viewpoint represents a large portion of the Baltimore City jury pool. And you all wonder why prosecutors offer plea deals as opposed to try and get convictions from a jury with people like her. 'Suspend the sentence now and then let them get the time on the back end when they violate their probation -- it's better than a not guilty.'

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah, looking at that, all the crazy-sounding please deals suddenly make a lot more sense.

Anonymous said...

Well. obviously these idiots are unqualified to sit on juries. Where are the people that work in the system speaking out to the media and demanding the system get overhauled? They blame the typical baltimoron, but remain in cya mode anyway. And we have more and more scumbags going free and laughing about it.

Maurice Bradbury said...

plea deals, I meant!
How would you, could you overhaul the system to keep the biased Brianas out of a jury pool?

It seems like the ineffectiveness of voir dire has come up before, and Julie B. wrote an article about it... group voir dire is obviously a problem, but even if it wasn't, if 80% of the jury pool thinks that cops are the Klan in disguise, would it be legal to strike 80% of the jury pool?

John Galt said...

The operative question is then, what does it mean to be tried by a jury of his peers ?

Unfortunately, a close reading of late colonial history suggests that American jurors often allowed their fellows to repudiate European debts, very much in contravention of the written law in their respective states.

In fact, as the needs of growing economies such as Savannah (originally a prison colony) called for more reliable systems of justice, this was generally accomplished by restricting the vote to a more select group and limiting jury duty to voting citizens.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween from WJZ:

"The presence of gangs like the Crypts and Bloods have
prompted county leaders to hold a gang summit."

Carol Ott said...

Anon, does it really say "Crypts"? Were they joking? Don't make me look...I'll cry.

Marc said...

"All crack is cocaine base but not all cocaine base is crack."

From what I can figure out, crack is just one form of cocaine base:

Report on Cocaine and Federal Sentencing Policy

d. Cocaine Base

Cocaine base is produced from powder cocaine. In this form, the cocaine alkaloid has been "freed" from the salt substrate and is once again in a base form similar to that of coca paste. Cocaine base vaporizes at a significantly lower temperature (98C, 208F) than powder cocaine (198C, 388F). This lower vaporization point results in less of the drug being decomposed when heated. Budavari, et al., supra note 25; Wesson and Washburn, supra note 25. However, as a base, the drug is not water-soluble. Therefore, if injected, nasally insufflated, or ingested, it will not be absorbed readily into the body. Powder cocaine can be converted into two forms of cocaine base, freebase cocaine or crack cocaine.

i. Freebase Cocaine

Freebase cocaine is derived from powder cocaine that has been dissolved in water and a strong alkaloid solution, typically ammonia. Ether or another organic solvent is added, and a solid substance separates from the solution. This solid substance is the cocaine base. U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, supra note 18. Prior to adoption of the federal drug paraphernalia laws in 1986, kits containing the necessary materials and ingredients (except for the cocaine) to "freebase" could be purchased in drug paraphernalia shops. Id.; 21 U.S.C. 863.

The use of freebase cocaine was documented first in the mid-1970s. Because freebase cocaine is significantly purer than coca paste or powder cocaine, many users believed that it was a healthier form of the drug. Even though an estimated ten to 20 percent of the cocaine-abusing population was using freebase cocaine during the 1970s, many resisted the freebasing process because of its complexity and potential danger. Ether, a highly volatile and flammable solvent, will ignite or explode if the freebase cocaine is smoked before the ether has evaporated entirely. This danger received extensive media coverage in 1980 when comedian Richard Pryor suffered third-degree burns over his torso and face while freebasing cocaine. T. Morganthau, "Crack and Crime," Newsweek, June 16, 1986, at 16-22.

ii. Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine, another form of cocaine base, also is derived from powder cocaine. Unlike the processing of freebase cocaine, converting powder cocaine into crack cocaine does not involve any flammable solvents. The powder cocaine is simply dissolved in a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water. The solution is boiled and a solid substance separates from the boiling mixture. This solid substance, crack cocaine, is removed and allowed to dry. U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, supra note 18. The crack cocaine is broken or cut into "rocks," each typically weighing from one-tenth to one-half a gram. One gram of pure powder cocaine will convert to approximately 0.89 grams of crack cocaine. The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates that crack rocks are between 75 and 90 percent pure cocaine. U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, supra note 23. See also, Budavari, et al., supra, note 25 at 2451. Although crack cocaine theoretically should be as pure as freebase cocaine, in practice it is less pure because crack cocaine processors tend to be less careful when making crack cocaine. In addition, crack cocaine processors often cut the end product with adulterants to increase the weight and bulk of the crack rocks (See also, Chapter 4).

Bosque said...

Yes, "Cocaine base" in Baltimore City means "crack".

ppatin said...

Here's some more bullshit from the Sun about how we're too harsh on juvenile offenders. These people are so stupid that it makes me wonder if the Sun's editorials are written by conservatives who're trying to make liberals look like idiots.

Sean said...

Best headline ever?
Trailer Filled With Monkeys On Way To Md. Hits Van

ppatin said...

Big drug bust in Wicomico County.

ppatin said...

Apparently Arthur Bremer (the guy who tried to do the world a favor and kill George Wallace back in 1972) will be released at the end of the year.

ppatin said...

Did anyone see today's endoresements in The Sun? Just when I thought their editorial board couldn't get any more divorced from reality I see this crap:

"Ms. Dixon and Ms. Rawlings-Blake have spent most of their adult lives in public service, getting involved in politics in their respective West Baltimore neighborhoods as young professionals. Each has an intimate understanding of the city's strengths and weaknesses, and can now capitalize on her unique experiences to improve Baltimore's outlook."

This city doesn't need an election, it needs a firing squad to execute its entire worthless political establishment. Viva la revolution!

ppatin said...

Two shootings last night, but both victims appear to have survived.

Anonymous said...

I said it before, and I said it again - Seattle. Let the criminals ahd idiot voters have this smoking hole in the ground of a city.

Caederus said...


I've said it before and I'll say it again. You don't need to go that far.

Anonymous said...

Here's my question - what is it about baltimore that makes it such a haven for crime in comparison to the other jurisdictions in the state? Is it just because most of the citizens are complacent with it, a lackluster police force, or something more?

Carol Ott said...

Is it just because most of the citizens are complacent with it, a lackluster police force, or something more?

Yes, yes, and yes.

The "something more" is a city government that is so completely corrupt, to shake up the police force an make it an effective department -- that would mean the city government would have to clean up its own dirt first. Sadly, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Caederus said...


Take a look at 2 different "community" supported programs. 1) Stop Fucking Snitching and 2) Choose Civility. Which do you think makes for a better quality of life?

When a large percentage of people select a given path it will have a profound impact on the community. It takes a larger percentage to change the community to a different direction.

Baltimore has it's community values, and Howard County has different values.

You choice. Either Accept the values where you live, change the values where you live, or move. My choice was to move (ok, not move back) to the city.