Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30

A man died of gunshot wounds near the Mt. Pleasant Golf Course in Loch Raven.

The teenager shot by an officer yesterday has died and was identified as 15-year-old Ralph Simmont of the 7900 block of Scotts Level Road in Randallstown.

Did you know? "Hospitals are not required under Maryland law to report domestic violence cases when they don’t involve children or gunshot wounds."

Parking ticket scandal: "“They still have quotas, but they’re not called quotas, they’re called ‘expectations’.”

The case against the Westboro Baptist Church has gone to the jury.

The hit-an-run case against Lazara Arellano de Hogue, currently Towson's most-hated woman, continued with a witness who testified that de Hogue drove from Goucher Boulevard to Loch Raven Boulevard and then to Regester Avenue, got out of her truck and got back in. Yesterday another witness testified that the boy's legs were sticking out from under the truck. WTF?

In Annapolis, Christopher Haarhoff pleaded guilty yesterday to helping his grifter mom murder her boyfriend, Frank Fertitta, and set his body on fire. Wow, that is one messed-up story!


ppatin said...

Fatal shooting in Loch Raven around 2:30 AM last night

ppatin said...

The mother of the shot hoodlum claims he was only trying to get rid of the gun. Yeah right, he was trying to get rid of his bullets by putting them into a police officer. Darwin strikes again.

ppatin said...

Did anyone see the quote by Warren Brown at the end of the Daily Record's "War Room" article?

" “You’re keeping them locked up without bail — big deal. They sat in jail for eight months, then they go to court and make a deal for time served [or get the case dropped],” he said, adding he thought city prosecutors often didn’t seek the toughest penalties for the crime. "

He could be running his mouth for any number of reasons, but it's a bad sign when the city's most prominent defese attorney says that prosecutors don't seek tough enough sentences.

graham said...

Police in the City have shot double the number of people this year compared to last year, according to The Examiner. I wish it was higher, and with a higher percentage of fatal shots, but lacking a reasonable concealed carry permit law I guess it's better then nothing.

Anonymous said...

I recently ended up on a jury for a murder case (one of the poor souls on your list for 2006). My experience can be summed up in two phrases:

'witness intimidation'

'jury nullification'

I don't know what else to say; I feel physically ill just thinking about the trial.

Maurice Bradbury said...

after you choke back your barf, please tell the story!

LucidSplash said...

Regarding the reporting system. In all fairness, HIPAA simply precludes the medical professional staff from contact authorities except where the law specifically allows. If that patient had asked that police be contacted, they should have been. Ethically, she should have been offered contact with one of the social workers who work at the hospital.

However, requiring medical professionals to report abuse such as this would only serve to limit the ability of those professionals to treat those in need. There are many, many, people that be hesitant to come to the emergency room or to seek treatment in any other manner if they felt the situation would be reported to authorities no matter their wishes. No one is saying that encouraging abuse victims to contact authorities isn't important, but you should hinder the medical world's ability to do its job by forcing them to report this kind of information.