Thursday, September 28, 2006

Letter from Jill

del. jill carter md d41stDel. Jill Carter is my new favorite politician! She totally called me out on being sexist and shallow and then let loose on the mayor! I don't even know what district I'm in (Mary Pat Clarke is involved somehow?), much less what Jill's job is, but I do now know where she gets her hair done! Read on ... (and Jill I'll take it down if you want me to... but I assume you knew who you were writing to!)
Dear ...

Recently, I have scanned your blog and I think it has a lot of value ... I can't dictate to you or anyone what you choose to think or convey to others about me. But, I would like to set the record straight on some of the things I've read.

1. I was not the "girlfriend" of Robert Clay. But, I revered and respected him a great deal. I learned a lot from him about minority business, politics, and life. His death is an immeasurable loss to me, personally, and to the community at large. My life is better because I knew him. Out of respect for him and his family, in particular, I would like to quash that rumor. What difference would it make even if true?

2. I think "fake" is the last word anyone who knows me would use to describe me. I, often struggle politically, and otherwise, because of my penchant for truth. It is what it is.

However, I think your refernces to "everything" about me being "fake" refer more to the physical, than the mental or spiritual. Micro-peels, a number of years ago is as far as I've gone cosmetically (to date). But, I have always said I would be amenable to cosmetic surgery as I age if I feel I need it, and can afford it -- a big If. I want work done on my teeth, but I can't afford veneers. Years ago, in 1992, I had my eyebrows tattooed. I have felt it was one of the best things I've ever done. Having naturally thin eyebrows, I used to put on eyebrow pencil all the time. When I was in a hurry, it was a real pain. With the tattoo, I am get-up-and go with no maintenance. Say what you will, but I prefer it to super thin brows or daily make-up.

On hair, I have natural (unprocessed, uncolored) thick, medium-length hair. I have been going to Salon Mechelle since age 18. Wynnonna Fountain, 410-367-3122, proprietor and friend, got my hair healthy and spared me from a life of permanent hair straigtening and salons that did not know how to deal with my thick, kinky-curly, Black hair.

I've sported numerous looks and hairstyles over the years. I used to experiment a lot with weaves. My hair is a lot to deal with and I am extremely busy. So, I usually pull it back if I don't have ample time to style it otherwise. I have discovered wigs to get me through bad hair days or for a quick style change. Only my aesthetician knows for sure. I am certain you have seen both. But, I'll never tell. ...

I immediately realized what a jerk I had been and wrote
Ms Carter,
You are totally right that talking about your hair or any other superficial part of you is totally sexist and takes away from your message. It's tough enough for women in any business without things being taken to that level ... On the other hand, my hair is thin and my eyebrows are a disaster, and I feel like women should be able to do their jobs without having to worry about looking perfect all of the time but then again I'm not a politician.
I would like to know more about the substance of your work. I consider myself pretty involved but I have no idea who my delegate is. It's very difficult as a voter to know what the issues are.
And then Jill said ...
... It is not surprising that you don't know much about my positions. My experience with the mainstream media for the past four years, which is how long I've been a delegate, has been horrendous. Because of my refusal to comply with the will of "leadership" when I believe it is wrong, and my audacity to propose new ideas that challenge and threaten the status quo, I've been essentially blackballed. The Sun has attempted to erase me. The City Paper is not much better. Reporters from the Sun often take orders of who, what, and how to cover issues, straight from the mayor's office.

The mayor is possibly the biggest megalomaniac I've ever encountered. City politicians and state democrats put more effort into serving him than their own constituents. The media, for the most part, gives them all a free pass. So, the public is perpetually in the dark and chronically confused ... We know the mayor lies. We know that there are close to 2500 homicides under his tyrannical leadership. We know there are likely close to 250,000 unwarranted (illegal, uncharged, false & minor crimes) arrests. Former commissioners, police officers, FOP head, judges, a grand jury, investigative reporters, politicians (me), citizens, ACLU, NAACP, etc., have uncovered the truth that his policing policies have failed miserably, crime is not down, and non-criminals are being unnecessarily criminalized while criminal are not being pursued. All the while, the mayor avoids, evades, and lies.....and the people of Baltimore have not collectively demanded his removal from office, and many actually support him for governor. It's beyond sad.
This is why we love local politics-- huge personalities who are willing to take it to the mat!
Jill Carter is real like the Velveteen rabbit!
Where's her district again?


Anonymous said...

Del. Carter's willingness to state that the emperor has no clothes is refreshing. I'd strongly encourage her to push for the suspension of the City's charter, given that its administration is so actively engaged in violating the civil liberties of an entire population.

If the State apparatus (Mikes Busch and Miller)won't go for it, then she ought to seek federal intervention from the FBI, as was done in the case of the Detroit Police Department.

As for megalomaniacal NO'Malley, my views are no secret from blogreaders. I hope his oversized mirror cracks and brings him 7 years bad luck.

BTW, I'll add that I'm sick and tired of NO'Malley hiding behind schoolchildren and police officers, claiming that Ehrlich's attacks are on them.

IT'S ON YOU, PAL. You're the man at the helm, and if a quarter of the arrests don't have enough merit to prosecute, then YOU are the f#@k-up. As if you didn't know.

I think I'm going to start selling dartboards with his pasty face laminated on. And Sheila Dixon on the flip side.

Almond Smash said...

Yeah! Go Jill!

Anonymous said...

Jill speaks the truth!

Anonymous said...


A politician that tellz it like itiz? Unheard of. Forget mayor,
I'd vote for Jill for US Senate. Maybe then we can get the truth on what the prez is doing in Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of weaves........... Anyone Seen STEPHANIE RAWLINGS-FAKE aka Blake? She's transformed herself into the Blonde Blimp! OMG, I'm not kidding, y'all, its really scury. I'm ascurd to go to city council meetings! She might turn her head and blind me with that horse hay!

Anonymous said...

I believe Jill Carter is in the 41st district which is in the Ten Hills part of SW baltimore

Anonymous said...

Wow..interesting post re: Del. Carter. Since she is your new best bud you should ask her why she endorsed the mayor for gov after Duncan dropped out of the race. I heard her on WBAL radio endorsing hizzoner right after Duncan dropped out. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no she didn't!

Anonymous said...

I dont just want to vote for jill, I want to marry her. She doesn't say, is she married?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Delegate Carter's candor. It is refreshing to see a politician willing to step outside the box. I hope that she will be very careful because political stakes are very high for the mayor and there is a lot of money and power invested in him. He is known to be very vindictive. But, she has the power of truth on her side. I think she is a beautiful person inside and out. It bothers me that we scrutinize in areas that we leave men alone. Why hasn't Bob Ehrlich been asked to explain his bizzare Damine "The Omen" hair? Remember that strange lump in the back of Glendenning's hair? Even with Kweisi Mfume's history of sexual harrassment and his fathering multiple children out of wedlock, the National Organization of Women endorsed him. Delegate Carter should not have to explain whom she chooses to date or how she chooses to wear her hair. I would much rather hear O'Malley explain why he keeps
ignoring the huge policing problems he has created.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is Jill Carter has broken the ranks of those who pray at the feet of Martin O'Malley. Unlike I might add, all of those other African-American politicians who have condoned his lies and fabrications concerning the education of their children and the protection of their families in the city of Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Jill Carter is, indeed, in the 41st. See here: Find out which district you're in here: (PDF). Maps galore, explaining congressional and legislative districts here:

Anonymous said...

Hey Delegate Carter, tell us something that the citizens of Baltimore don't know about the Poseur of City Hall. The sad part of it all is there are those in the media who also know but refuse to tell because they get all sweaty just thinking about the Poseur in his muscle t-shirt as Governor.