Friday, September 29, 2006

September 29

Sultan Z. Mathhews, 19, was shot to death during an arguement in his home on N. Bentalou Street in the Western. (204)

A man was stabbed on his front porch in Lake Montibello, #203..

That's no lady, that's Dee Deirdre Farmer, looking less than fabulous.

Death of port supervisor Robert L. Benway has been ruled accidental.

JZ has video of an armed robber shooting at the head of a cashier at a Brooklyn park Crown station.

Towson U. Jew to sue.
(I must say it's rude that some public schools are closed today for "professional development," but not Monday for Yom Kippur)

Examiner: State police offered assistance in the city, and the city agreed-- but the troopers never showed. Now fingers are being pointed from either side.

A state-run home for the mentally challenged was cited for "horrific" violations.

Hamm disputes new Ehrlich/Billy Murphy Jr. ad.


John Galt said...

NO'Malley doesn't live in CHM.

NO'Malley probably doesn't even drive through CHM.

Good thing, too, 'cuz even I'd carjack that pasty-lookin' sucka.

Y'know, he announced his mayoral campaign in that community (which was part of his 3rd Councilmanic district) and has basically not shown his face (or any interest) since. CHM was just a steppingstone for Mayor McCheese, kinda like Baltimore City will be if he's elected Guv.

CHM is a rough place. A few good people, salt of the earth, but lotsa problem people. Lotsa.

CHM is one of those places in Baltimore B where the 'good times' look pretty much like the bad times.

NO'Malley says he's made the streets safer and schools better. Ahem? Ahemmmmmmmmm ? Not in CHM, you haven't.

But we've created billions of jobs. Definitely not in CHM.

Well, we're building luxury condos.
Downtown, maybe. Where the cops keep it safe, but... not in CHM.

John Galt said...

robberies and shootings in the Police Blotter and

another 19 year-old man shot dead in West Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Gary M. Nelson, the stabbing victim, has a criminal history including theft and possession of drugs other than weed.

That's a combination that does not bode well for one's future.

John Galt said...

Cars kill more people than guns.

So, howzabout we don't bother to prosecute murderers of holders of driver's licenses?

Murder's not healthy for children and other living things.

I don't want want people murdered in the street, even if they steal and do crack.

Anonymous said...

The man is dead, why, in this city do we feel the need to descredit people in their graves. It's reprehensible and cowardly