Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24

Keep your eyes peeled for Alexander Hicks, 15, who ran away from Cedar Ridge Children's Home.

Former NJ Narc: 80 percent of officers think it's time to end the war on drugs.


Anonymous said...

Early this morning, Corey Harrison of the 2000 block of Robb Street in Northern Baltimore was murdered. Yes, the same Robb Street that runs through Better Waverly. Same deal, same story. As we've discussed before, I suspect this will actually be recorded in the Eastern District's stats because of where he was found. He was in his twenties.

Also, there was a fatal hit-and-run on Monastery Ave.

Anonymous said...

PS the link for the NJ Narc goes to a story about a Homeboy from Cedar Ridge ???

Anonymous said...

I suppose that means that as of this weekend we have already before October passed the total annual murders of Dallas, Tx, which is twice our size.

John Galt said...

I swear, I'm going to lose my mind. (Yeah, I know, that train's already left.)

These O'Malley commercials keep talking about how he's reduced crime so much.

Ain't happened. Crime's what makes the world go 'round hereabouts, and the Bloods have been gradually building their organization. O'Malley doesn't run this place; they do.

Last Monday marked the anniversary of the murder of artist Terry Koenig, found in his home in Better Waverly, which still hasn't been cleared and probably never will be. He lived exactly two blocks south of the Blockbuster. If they kill me, I cannot have much expectation of justice. Just another closed casket burial in Baltimore.

No, I've no inclination to advance O'Malley to any higher office.

FYI, two guys were stabbed around Holabird Ave in Dundalk. One's in shock trauma.

Correction: the location on Robb St. is actually just a bit south of B.W., so it shall be recorded in Eastern.

John Galt said...

Cory Harrison was shot to death on the 2000 block, Robb Street as covered in the Sun.

Also, two men and a woman were shot Saturday night around the nearby 2600 block,Kennedy Ave.