Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The city that (almost) never works

Peter Herman tells the story of the first vicitim of the Guilford attacker who was mugged at knifepoint by the same teen recently arrested for a brazen adbuction. Even though she was willing to testify againt her attacker, prosecutors took a plea deal!

Meanwhile, a DPW employee says when she informed her superiors that a city worker was on the sex offender registry and shouldn't be working in the field, she was told to shut up or face the consequences.


Maurice Bradbury said...

Gee, never? That's a little harsh!

Anonymous said...

Remember the case where a group of thugs beat up a couple of guys on an MTA bus? Well, we lived next door to the fat ringleader of those thugs and identified the kid right away. When we called the MTA detective who was handling the case, she said (in between popping her gum in my ear), that she was too busy wrapping her Christmas presents to take the information. We left our number, but she never called back.

Try not to be too shocked...