Thursday, January 21, 2010


Prosecutors drop charges against union square community activist Chris Taylor, the result of a controversial arrest. More from the Sun


John Galt said...

When they are breaking in 'through the roof', you know the criminals is allowed to be out of control.

OK, so if your doors are wide open, I can understand the police seeking for you to harden your targets (even if the entry is still unlawful), but when the place is locked up tighter than a drum and hoodlums still have the opportunity and time to cut in through the roof, then you're just not watching them closely enough.

Need more manpower.

John Galt said...

More crime in Guilford and the Messenger covers the Couplin case.

John Galt said...

Oh, and seeing the guy do it is just not good enough in court.

Well, in that case, you're going to need a hell of a lot of cops on every corner, or....

you could just repeal the criminal code and say crime is lawful, because, I mean, isn't this getting a little preposterous?

History Punk said...

Call out the National Guard.

Or better yet, use the 82nd or 101st divisions to circle the city to prevent anyone from escaping. They'll hold those positions until a large, Berlin Wall style structure is erected. Meanwhile, infantry and MP units will enter the city to enforce a 24 hour lockdown and raid all individuals on probations. Violations of curfew will bet with force.

As the situation settles down, people will be allowed on hour of yard time a day, as long as the neighborhood behaves. Useful people, i.e. students or workers will be given passes to allow them to continue their lives. People who lose their jobs because of the blockade will receive income supports equal to their salary plus a free ride on their utilites for the duration of the situation plus six months. (That will be their reward for doing right).

While the situation is ongoing, all abandoned structures will be razed, all homes searched for known fugitives, and the city generally gussied up. As the situation improves, each neighborhood will have the chance to earn their privilidges back such as getting more yard time or having cable restored. Violations will be punished and met with lethal force.

Once the city approaches reasonably good behavior, the Wall will be torn down, the troops with drawn, and peace restored.

Cham said...

History Punk:

Easy does it on the SyFy channel.