Friday, January 22, 2010

Ooh, counterfeit money!

Reports the BPD,
On January 21st, at about 645 hrs. Officers from the Central District Operations Squad observed a gold Pontiac grand prix in the 1600 block of Mcculloh street believed to be involved in suspected drug activity.

The officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop at which time the vehicle then fled. The officers were able to follow the vehicle and give out a good description to assiting units. As the vehicle crossed into the Western District, BPD's Violent Crime Impact Section assisted in following the vehicle.

The occupants bailed out and ran into 2312 Avalon ave. Officers secured the dwelling at which time observing drugs in plain view. A warrant was obtained and $22,245.00 in cash, of which $15,580.00 was counterfeit, was seized along with 7 Ziplock bags of heroin and a 1/2 oz of raw heroin.


ppatin said...

This makes me think of The Wire where Johnny gets beaten half to death for trying to pass photocopied money off as real.

Cham said...

I wonder if the drug distribution network knew the cash was counterfeit. If they didn't that means that there is gonna be a payback sometime in the near future.

ppatin said...

MJB: I took a peek at the archive and I think that today is this blog's fifth anniversary. Thanks for all your hard work (and for giving me a forum to vent!)

buzoncrime said...

Hooray for MJB!!!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Wow! I need to get a life!