Friday, January 22, 2010

It gets better

Union officials believe convicted sex offender Dennis McLaughlin was dipping into sick leave reserved for employees with lengthy illnesses so he could keep getting paid while in prison.

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Cham said...

First of all, I feel sorry for all the people who donated their sick days. I am sure they didn't bargain for a creepy sex offender to use them while in prison for being a creepster. Second, somewhere, once the investigators delve into this, I would probably suspect that Mr. McCreepster's mother had much to do with all of this. 3rd, I can't imagine that all the people who assisted in covering this up did so voluntarily. I wonder how many threats and coercion was involved. I doubt the coworker was the only one threatened in all of this mess. Heads should roll, people should be incarcerated and the guilty should not have their legal fees paid by the city nor should the be able to keep their hefty retirement packages. This includes mom.